Butt Plug Horror Stories (As Told By Really Embarrassed People)

Because knowledge is power.

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Butt plugs are hand's down one of the best sex toys around. 

If you haven't used one, let me just tell you, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. 

For men, butt plugs are a great way to explore the fast and sexy unknown (you know, the prostate).

For women, butt plugs can heighten sensation during orgasms and make for a great tool if you're into being teased, and let's face it, we all love a little teasing now and then (and I refuse to hear otherwise.)


But if you're new to butt plugs they can be a little, well, scary.

Why's that? Well, because unlike your vagina, your butt isn't designed for stuff to go INSIDE. 

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If you're playing around with butt plugs and you use the wrong tool, a butt plug can actually get LOST inside your body making for one of the world's most awkward ER visits. 

Also, a lot of people rush into using their butt plug. I don't mean they make the decision lightly, it's not that big I deal.

I mean they literally rush in, minus lube, and cause themselves a world of hurt. 


I think these sorts of fears keep people from exploring what can be a totally bomb sex experience. 

To that end, I rounded up stories of butt plug sex toy horror from my friends (who because they all have real jobs and parents have asked to remain anonymous). 

You should know that none of the people here QUIT using butt plugs because of a bad experience. Instead, they learned, moved on, and got better at embracing the butt plug! 

OK, here we go:

  • "I tried using my girlfriend's anal beads as a butt plug while I was jerking off. They felt great during. What didn't feel great was having to wait until she got home to get help getting them out."

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  • "Inserted a butt plug a couple weeks ago before sex with my boyfriend, started having sex, felt a strange sensation. It had gotten pushed into my butt somehow. Then I spent 20 minutes trying to get it out in various ways. I ended up with two fingers in my vagina gently palpating and a finger in my ass because the plug had gotten lodged at an angle."


  • "I finally agreed to let my BF put a butt plug inside me during foreplay, even though I wasn't feeling great. I tried to stop as soon as he started putting it in but I was way too late. I got liquid shit everywhere, on the bed, on the plug, on me, and on him." 
  • "My ex loved it when I wore a butt plug all day. He would text me throughout the day to try and tease me. One day, however, feeling particularly horny, he texted me asking me if my ass was throbbing for him. Only he didn't text me, he texted his boss." 
  • "I ordered a pricey glass pillar butt plug online, it arrived cracked. I called customer service to demand a refund, and they were dicks about it. I went on a full-blown tear to get my money back. I finally won, and my BF was like 'maybe if you spent that kind of effort looking for a job you wouldn't have to go all psycho about broken butt plugs.' He has a point!" 
  • "Dude once tried to put a DIRTY butt plug up my ass. Yeah, turning the lights off weren't going to make me miss that!"

  • "I was babysitting my nephew at my house. When my sis and her man came to pick him up, the little guy race into the room to hug his mommy and ask if he could keep the "funny fox tail" he found in my room. I still want to melt thinking about it." 
  • "The first time I tried using a butt plug I was so nervous that I actually had to stop halfway through to throw up." 
  • "Oh, god, I still get chills about this. I went to text my man a pic of me with my butt plug inside me and I sent it to my mom instead. She never acknowledged it but I know she saw it." 
  • "This is totally true. I once had a butt plug that I loved. It vibrated. I packed it to go on vacay and got stopped by the TSA because the damn thing turned itself on. TSA didn't seem phased, but I was beyond mortified."

  • "I read this article about how to make your own butt plug, and thought I'd try it to spice up my sex life. It didn't work. Instead, my hubby came home to me sobbing in the bathroom trying to flush pieces of plaster out of my ass hole."
  • I'm a passionate butt plug user. I've got at least seven butt plugs and have owned many more. The first time almost turned me off for good. I didn't use enough lube and I bled like a stuck pig!" 

And here's a bonus story. It's not about a butt plug, but it's definitely about a butt!


"My story isn't really about a plastic or even glass butt plug. It's about my ex-husband's real penis tho!! Lol. We were in his parents' camper and long story short, he took my ass virginity. The hilarious thing about it is that as he pulled out, I couldn't stop farting! Yes, I had uncontrollable gas!! What I thought would be an embarrassing moment turned out to be extremely hilarious to BOTH of us!"