You Can Now Wear A Strap-On Dinosaur Tail & It's AMAZING

Unleash your inner T-rex.

strap-on dinosaur tail

Sometimes in life, there are moments that defy expectation, and you find that you just need something for no other cause than “reasons.” This is definitely one of those times.

There is never going to be another reason in your life — outside of a Halloween costume — that you’re going to need a strap-on dinosaur tail, but one look at these bad boys, and you’ll be jumping up and down, waving your cash and shouting, “Shut up and take my money!” harder than Fry trying to get a new eyePhone.


The junk in your trunk will never again get the chance to be so prehistorically glorious.

ASOS, a UK retailer that frequently offers suggestions on amazing new products you will simply not be able to turn down, was the first (and only, so far) to feature these amazing dino tails. Imagine someone’s delight at seeing this in their list of suggestions based on things they’d purchased in the past.


“Get your waggle on with TellTails’ wearable tails,” their website reads. “On a mission to unleash your inner animal, TellTails’ designs are either stuffed ‘swooshers’ or bendable to fit your mood. Become a leopard, cunning fox, or dance floor approved ‘Shinosaur.’”

There’s no better way to get yourself some much-wanted attention without running around naked and screaming like a banshee — no, literally, we checked; there is honestly not a better way than to wear a huge, flexible, bendable dinosaur tail out in public.

All Photos: ASOS


These tails are making waves for their sheer zaniness and absurdity, but you can’t deny that there’s something compelling and delightful about the thought of running around on a bar-crawling binge with your friends all sporting “Shinosaur” tails and making group-themed loud rawr noises every time someone approaches you and asks, “What’s with the dinosaur tail?”

Okay, scratch not having a reason outside of Halloween — I just invented a pretty good one for you.

Now go forth and stomp your way into people’s hearts! You can purchase your very own dino tail here for only about $40!