4 Common Manipulation Techniques Used By Toxic People

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4 Common Manipulation Techniques Used By Toxic People

You are likely to meet quite a bit of people in your lifetime, and not all of them are going to have a positive effect on you. Certain people find a way to manipulate their way into your life just to fill you with self-doubt.

What makes the presence of these toxic people even worse, is that often times you don't even realize they have worked their way into your life until it's too late.

It may even be someone who has become very close to you like a coworker, your partner, or one of your best friends. These people have a variety of manipulation and emotional abuse techniques that they use to maintain control of your life.

However, making yourself aware of some of their tactics could make them easier for you to see through and break free from their manipulative spell. Let's take a look at a few of the most popular ones.

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1. They find a way to make everything your fault.

You can try as hard as you want, but people like this will always find a way to put the blame back on you. If you tell a toxic person something critical they are likely to respond with a harsh, uncalled for attack on your character. It can start feeling like an infinite game of hot potato throwing the blame back and forth to each other.

2. They knew you were going to do/say that.

Another way toxic people attempt to manipulate you is by trying to convince you that they've got you all figured out. Everything you do has just become so predictable to them.

When they start saying things like, "I knew you were going to say that," or "I don't know why I should be surprised," they are just trying to find a way to get into your head without using any reasoning or logic.

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3. They make a word salad.

This tactic seems to be a favorite among toxic people to get around questions that they don't want to answer. To do this they often give long, complex answers that end up confusing you, rather than giving you the answer you wanted.

To find out if someone is doing this to you, stay focused on what they were saying, and see if they stay on one topic or constantly bounce around to random things that are unimportant and unrelated to the conversation.

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4. They exhibit the three stages of gaslighting.

The process of manipulating another person to the point that they begin questioning their sanity and even their own rights is known as gaslighting and is presented in three different stages.

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  • The toxic person begins by doing something to put their victim in an uncomfortable situation, known as the disbelief stage, in order to make them enter the disbelief stage.
  • Once the victim reacts to the unusual behavior, the toxic individual will often tell them that they are "acting crazy" or "being over emotional."
  • If they keep it up for long enough, the victim will actually begin to believe that are acting overly emotional and crazy, which eventually leads to the depression stage.

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