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Why Withholding Sex From Men Might Make Them Support Women's Rights

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withholding sex

Right now, there’s a major movement going on that’s attacking women on multiple fronts. There are attacks on women’s healthcare, including movements banning birth control, abortion, and even defunding organizations that help with STD screening.

There are movements on a global level that are trying to decriminalize domestic violence. There are even politicians currently in office that have gone on record saying insanely misogynistic things without even blinking an eye. 

Too many men have made the decision that they are entitled to our bodies, our money, and the right to decide how we live. Too many men have unilaterally decided that women are the enemy and the sole people who should be punished for having sex.

Women would be foolish to sit there and take all this with a coy smile on their face. We would be stupid to sit there and expect the way we’re treated to be different because “it wouldn’t happen to us!”

No, we need to put our collective feet down. I suggest that we start going on a sex strike against any guy who is vocal about supporting anti-abortion, anti-female healthcare. Or, better yet, let’s just all stop having sex until a good point is being made.

Here’s why withholding sex would work:

1. It’d force a lot of men to put money where their mouths are.


Since so many guys seem to think women are evil, that women are whores, and that women deserve to be punished for sex, it only seems fair to just remove the perks of having women in their life.

We’d be doing them a favor. After all, since they hate women so much, we’re being good by not sleeping with them, flirting with them, or talking to them.

2. It’d give them consequences for their actions.

Right now, guys don’t have any consequences for the anti-female legislation that’s being passed on their accounts. If they knock a girl up and she can’t get an abortion, he can bail at any moment with a decent chance of never having to pay child support.

So, maybe it’s time they suffer the consequences of their own movement. Just stop them from having sex.

3. Sex might actually become something special to guys again.


I’m sorry to say, but guys really don’t seem to understand the risk that women face when they have sex with them. They also seem to think it’s something they’re just entitled to. This has to stop, and I can’t think of any way better than to collectively stop sleeping with men.

4. It’d also make abortions less prevalent.

Granted, no one will be born if we all stop sexing it up, but hey, that’s OK, right?

5. Men who don’t want women to have rights don’t deserve love.


Would you show love and affection to people you know want to hurt you? Every time you sleep with a guy who says women don’t need healthcare, rights, or autonomy, that’s what you’re doing. These men don’t deserve love and should stay solo until they start seeing women as people.

6. Women don’t really need guys anymore.

It’s true. We don’t. We don’t need them to make a baby, we don’t need them to financially support us, and we don’t need them to tell us what to do with our bodies. If men are going to behave like we’re the enemy we, as a gender, will gladly stop pandering to them.

7. It’s an easy way to make a point.


Men cannot control our gender without our consent. If we refuse to back down and refuse to accept the way they behave, they'll have to rethink the way they’re doing things.

8. It’ll hit men where it hurts.

You’d be shocked at how important sex is to guys. If you want to see men buckle, just withhold sex, love, and affection. They’ll quickly begin supporting women’s rights because the alternative is pretty bad for their long-term health.

It’s 2017. Wake up. We have to do something. Might as well make a statement that will cut this anti-woman political crap short, quick.