Amazing New Vending Machine Serves Champagne

champagne vending machine

Vending machines are some of life’s most wonderful little miracles. You can find them just about everywhere, and they can save you from a hanger-induced beast mode when you really need it at work, hospitals, or even just cruising the strip in Las Vegas.

And just because it’s Las Vegas, you can expect that things are going to be strange, exciting, flashy, and maybe just a touch trashy, too. Vending machines in Vegas are certainly no exception.

If you’re going to cruise the strip, then perhaps take some time between gambling, showgirls, and the Elvis Presley Chapel o’ Love weddings to stop in at the Mandarin Oriental hotel where you can find a little machine that dispenses some amazing alcoholic treats.

Specifically, a vending machine that offers you Moët & Chandon champagne. Because America, that’s why.

This iconic brand doesn’t just go in for taking your money and spitting out a drink in exchange. Oh, no. This is Vegas, and you are most definitely here for the show.

So just how does one go about getting mini bottles of champagne from a vending machine? With $20 gold coins, of course! Each little coin comes emblazoned with the Moët logo, and it’s the only currency that this particular machine will take.

The Mandarin Oriental champagne vending machine is the only one of its kind, so if you’re looking for something outrageous, awesome, and filled with bubbly while you’re on your pleasure tour, this is one stop you will definitely need to make.

All Photos: Review Journal

Each mini bottle of champagne even comes complete with its own mini flute topper, so finding glassware to go won’t be an issue. You’ll get to choose either a Brüt or Rosé option, pop the top, and sip your awesome bubbly on the go.

Gold coins? Machine-vended champagne? The only thing that could make this any better would be to have doves and confetti fly from it every time you made a purchase.

But this is Vegas, so realistically, you won’t have to go far to find it.