There's A Brand New Video Game You Play With Your VAGINA

Photo: perifit
vagina video game perifit

If you love using an app like FitBit to track your daily fitness AND video games AND you love having a vagina that's right and tight, then WOW do we have an app for you! 

(God, I love my job.)

Please meet Perifit

What is it exactly? 

Well, it's a kegel trainer that comes with its own smartphone app. 

So, in addition to controlling digital butterflies with your vagina, you're also strengthening your pelvic floor with kegel exercises.

That's news so good it's got me pelvic thrusting all over my office!


Don't worry, my office is also my living room, so it's highly unlikely that my cat and my dog will file sexual harassment complaints.

Clearly, Perifit is meeting a need. 

It's being crowdsourced on Indiegogo, and has already topped $10,000 in financial support from would-be backers! 

Perifit was designed with the help of legitimate physiotherapists who came up with 5 different programs to help treat different regions of your vagina and your pelvic floor.

It's good to know that someone who has something other than an amateur's passionate interest in the vagina is responsible for the Perifit's design. 

So in addition to doing kegels, which are awesome for women's health, and playing video games, the Perifit also records your sessions, tracking your success. 

That's all well and good in theory but I don't know how I feel about some app storing data about my vagina strength.

I mean, that's intel that should be used only for good. 

God help us all if it got into the wrong hands. 

Then there would be some sort of massive army of evil and powerful vaginas attacking mankind!

I should definitely write a treatment for that screenplay, right? 


Anyway, the Perifit is a great idea for women like me, namely, nerds who love video games but aren't sure they are doing their kegel exercises correctly. 

And while it's common knowledge that kegels can help a woman recover from childbirth, they can also help prevent incontinence AND reduce the risk of you getting a UTI? 

When was the last time a push-up kept you from peeing yourself, I ask you? 

It's always awesome when a company is willing to address some of the more taboo subjects related to a woman's body, and this is no exception.

I don't know how necessary the digital butterflies are, but I appreciate the idea of making vaginal exercise fun. 

Three cheers to Perifit, and may all of you customers develop vaginas so strong they can turn coal into diamonds.