10 Reasons Your BFF Just Might Be The Love Of Your Life

Photo: Pexels
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You never know where love might come from — it likes to sneak up on you.

You might get swept off your feet by a stranger or find yourself unable to stop thinking about a new co-worker. Love doesn’t always spring up in the most logical of places.

That being said, in my opinion, the best kind of unexpected love is when you look around one day and realize, “OMG, am I falling in love with my friend?”

Because falling in love with a friend might be the best romantic equivalent of a win-win situation there is.

Not only have you stumbled into a new love (yay!), but you’ve also found romance in one of the most comfortable places possible. You’ve realized that a person who is already in your life — an important person, a person you value — also makes your heart flutter and gives you butterflies in your stomach.

That’s like winning the lottery. That’s a best-case scenario.

If you’re skeptical about the benefits about getting romantic with a BFF, here are 10 reasons why falling in love with a friend can lead to something truly special.

1. They know you.

They get you 100%. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone else. You can just be your normal weird, broken self and they already love you for it.

2. You can share things with them.

The emotional stuff is nice, but even just sharing the friend stuff is phenomenal. The movies you love, your favorite bars, bad K-Pop karaoke … you know they’ll appreciate (and share) all of the crazy things that make you smile.

3. You don’t have to obsess about their past.

Because you already know everything about them. And you didn’t have to learn about their past in the super-awkward “girlfriend learning about a boyfriend’s former conquests” way.

If you were friends first, you’ve heard all of their love-gone-wrong stories before — you’ve laughed about them, consoled them — so you were able to experience their past without being threatened.

4. They give the best birthday gifts.

They do. No more holiday gift-cards from your special someone one. Your friend knows what you actually love and/or hate, and when it comes to buying you a present, they deliver.

5. You don’t have to introduce them to everyone in your life.

This is a big benefit of falling for someone who’s already in your life — no more relationship exposition. You don’t have to explain the convoluted backstory about why your mom doesn’t talk to your sister or describe why your work friends and your college friends don’t get along.

They already KNOW.

6. You’ll laugh a lot.

Not only does a true friend really get your sense of humor, but, when you hook up with a friend, you’ll find yourself giggling, thinking “OMG, I’m kissing my best friend!”

It can be weird at first. Suddenly, you’re grinding on this person you’ve known for years or letting them see you naked, and it can feel so absurd.

But it’s absurd in the best possible way.

7. They already know what hurts you.

When you start a new relationship, you spend a fair amount of time feeling out your new partner, figuring out what buttons they have and how you can push them.

But, when you fall in love with an old friend, they already know your strengths and weaknesses.

They know what you’re insecure about, they know what you’re secretly ashamed of, and they know how to tread lightly around those issues and make sure you feel loved.

8. You don’t have to start hanging out with a bunch of random new people.

New relationships normally mean that you have to learn to make nice with everyone in your partner’s life, which can be a pain if their friends and family suck.

Yet, when you kick off of a relationship with an old friend, you’re making sure that you’re going to surround yourself with, if not friendly, at least FAMILIAR faces. And that makes things a lot easier.

9. They’ve already seen you at your worst.

Chances are, if someone is a long-time friend, they’ve been able to witness you at a few of your lowest moments.

They’ve seen you weak, sad, ugly, and afraid.

And they still stuck around because you were important to them. Being able to enter a relationship knowing that the other person has seen you at your worst and loves you anyway… that’s a powerful thing.

10. Becoming friends was always the hardest part anyway.

It’s easy to look at a person and think, “Boy, they’re HOT. I want a piece of that.”

That’s a very simple, lizard-brain way to start a relationship. “Me want him.” “Me want her.” “Me think you smell nice.”

However, the really difficult part of building a successful romance is trying to build a connection with the other person once you get past the physical attraction.

OK, so you’re hot… NOW WHAT?

Fortunately, when you fall into an unexpected romance with someone close to you, that relationship building is already done. You don’t have to worry about what’s beyond the physical, because you were drawn to that person previously for more than just their relative level of hotness.

They are your friend!

You already connected to that person on a deeper level, so, if you fall for each other, that emotional foundation is already there, waiting for you to build something special on top of it.