5 Ways Dirty Talk Can Seriously SAVE Your Sex Life

Let's get freaky.

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When your romantic relationship is suffering or flagging, it's an awful feeling. 

There's nothing "wrong" per se, it's just that you've been together a long time. 

The romance just isn't what it once was. 

There are lots of different things you can do to try and reconnect with each other.

But my personal favorite?

Using dirty talk in a relationship. 

I know, I know, it sounds like something you'd read in a trashy magazine.


But the truth is, changing the way you talk to each other during sex can have positive effects on your relationship in other areas, too! 

Here are 5 ways to use dirty talk in a relationship to bring it back to life. 

1. Dirty talk can help you remember that you're both sexual beings. 



When you've been in a relationship for a long time, it's normal for the spark to dissipate. 

You used to have sex every day, now you're lucky if it's once every other month. 

If you try talking dirty (in bed and out) rediscovering your sexuality is a natural byproduct. 

Looking at your partner with dirty talk in mind helps you see them through a delicious filter of lust. 

2. Dirty talk can help you find new things to try in bed. 

Sometimes hitting a rut in your relationship can make even regular sex seem stale.

You know how to hit each other's buttons, and few things kill a relationship faster than boring sex. 

But when you're using dirty talk in bed you might discover new things that both you and your partner are eager to try


3. Dirty talk promotes honest conversation. 


In order to use dirty talk freely, you've got to feel open, trusting, and vulnerable.

Getting yourself in that space when it comes to sex is great, not just because it will improve your sex, but because hopefully, that mindset will begin to infiltrate your daily life, making those tougher conversations a little bit easier. 


4. Dirty talk is a great outlet for your feelings. 

Mad because your guy didn't do the dishes?

You can still have good sex AND get over your annoyance. 

How? Try calling him a dirty little boy the next time you have sex. 

Dirty talk is a great way to vent those feelings in a productive way! 


5. Dirty talk helps you see your partner a new way. 


Very often in a relationship, we forget that our partner contains multitudes! 

It's hard to remember how multifaceted the people we love are, especially when we become so used to seeing them in just one role.

Using dirty talk in a relationship busts our partner out of their daily role and transforms them into another version of themselves.


It doesn't get any hotter than that.