15 Very Real Struggles Of Being A Plus-Sized Woman

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What It's Like To Be Fat (That Other People Don't Realize)

If you exceed the capacity of size 12 jeans, you've probably heard a lot of people say shit (and almost get hit) in your life. Heck, even when people don't say shit, you're dealing with plenty of other stuff inflicted by our current society anyway!

Truth is, most people don't know what it's like to be fat.

But why should they? We don't know the struggles of many people in this world. So in an effort to enlighten, please consider these 15 struggles of fat women ... 

1. Being called "pretty for a fat girl."

People will say stuff like "you're pretty for a fat girl" or "You're fat but you're pretty" as if pretty and fat don't go together. How does that make sense? Related struggle: "But you have SUCH a pretty face."

2. Being tortured by a skirt 

Skirts are cute ... but thin people will never understand just how much NOT having a layer of fabric between your touching thighs makes for extremely painful friction resulting in a debilitating heat rash.. This is why you'll frequently see us with leggings or tights underneath our skirts — not because we hate our legs but because we hate PAIN!

3. Being denied a ride. 

Ever stood in line for an hour only to find out you don't fit in the roller-coaster seat. Frustrating. Embarrassing. (A HUGE thanks to theme parks that put a seat at the entrance so we can find out BEFORE we wait if we'll get to ride.)

4. Looking for subtle clothing

You're going for simple and classic, you're bombarded with a ridiculous amount of bold florals, jagged neons, and skulls with roses. (Seriously, how are skulls with roses not a cliche at this point?) Where's the creativity, people? 

5. ... that doesn't break the bank  

There aren’t many cheaper alternatives for girls above a size 14. And no, with that price difference, it's not because the amount of fabric.

6. Being relegated to accessories when shopping with friends

Sorry, Forever 21, but that is NOT an XL. That's a medium on a good day. Seems like most of the fun, trendy stores simply don't carry anything above a size 10. How long can one peruse the accessory section?

7. Wildly varying sizes 

You can be an 18 in one place, and a 26 in another. And since we're mostly shopping online (because of the wider selection), getting the right size is particularly difficult.

8. People assuming you're on a diet

Some of us LIKE salad (shudder). And fruits and veggies. And cheeseburgers. And lots of other stuff. Just like you.

9. Being shamed for being okay with yourself

Thanks for being concerned about my health (eye roll). Yes, you can be confident at any size.

10. Worrying about seating 

Will I fit on the airplane seat, and if I do, can I survive with armrests digging into my sides for hours. And the squeakiness of any chair makes us really hope we're not about to play the game of “trust fall.”

11. Calculating elevator capacity


You become a human calculator whenever you have to share the elevator with a bunch of people and take the weight capacity into account.

12. Feeling like all eyes are on you at the gym



Seems like people look at you with an expression that says “oh, how pitiful. She won’t last a week.” 

13. Having your groceries eyeballed as the move down the belt

You go to the gym, and you’re judged. You go grocery shopping, you’re judged some more. 

15. Being compared to "plus-sized" models


Models like Ashley Graham are definitely beautiful, and yeah, she’s "plus-sized" at a size 16. But 200 pounds at 5'9" looks way different than 200 pounds at 5'3". Not to mention, all her pounds fall in the right places. 

15. Being considered a “fetish”


Rather than just accepting that your partner is simply attracted to you, you’re simply written off as his “fetish.” To an entire group of men, you're a BWW.