What ‘Average’ Size 16 Women Really Look Like

anasa sims size 16

Beautiful at every size.

I'm a size 16. 

I mean, I'm a size 16 right now. 

My entire adult life (and I'm talking post-puberty so like, from 15 on) I have been a size 14 or a 16. I have twenty pounds that I shed or gain depending on many factors, but even at my lowest weight, my size have never gone below a 14. 

It can't, my hip bones are wide-set and so are my ribs. I'm a natural hourglass, and it's kind of crazy that I've lived this long being so damn insecure about it. 

The average woman in America right now is a size 16

That's easy for us to forget, because the women we see on billboards and in TV and movies are anything but average. 

We should support women no matter their size, be they skinny or fat! Men may love plus sized women, but I don't want my naturally thin sisters to feel left out. 

But the truth is undeniable: skinny women are better represented than size 16 women in the media, despite statistics making clear that we are now the country's most common size. 

If we're so common why are we made to feel so ugly? 

Probably so the diet and beauty industries can sell us more products, right? 

There is a change coming with models like Ashley Graham. All you have to is look on Instagram and you will see fabulous, fierce, full-figured women all of whom rock a size 16 like it's the sexiest thing there is. 

That's because on them, it is. 

Here are just a few of the size 16 models out there to inspire you, to make you feel normal, but more than that, to make YOU (wonderful, normal, healthy, unique you — and all of your friends, regardless of size) feel absolutely beautiful. 

Anasa Sims
Photo: WeHeartIt

Anasa Sims is the daughter of the original supermodel, Beverly Johnson. Johnson was the first ever black supermodel on the cover of Vogue. Talk about good genes. 

Ashley Graham
Photo: WeHeartIt

Ashley Graham was the first plus-sized supermodel to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue. She has taken the country by storm as she has crossed over from plus-sized fashions only to world-wide acclaim. 

Barbara Brickner
Photo: WeHeartIt

Barbara Brickner is the queen of the plus-sized fashion community. Legions of fans know her from her catalogue work where she showcases her curves in lingerie. 

Fulvia Lucerda
Photo: Fulvia Lucerda is often call the Gisele of the plus sized modeling world. Her Instagram account is full of her adventures traveling the globe and trying out amazing new fashion.
Justine Legault
Photo: WeHeartIt

Justine Legault lights up in front of her camera. Her unofficial motto, "beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." Justine is beautiful in each and every way. 

Tara Lynn
Photo: WeHeartIt 

While other models are content to pose and preen, Tara Lynn's good looks motivate her daily to inspire women to love their own body at any size. 

Silvia Rho
Photo: WeHeartIt

Silvia Rho is a Korean American model who is open to exploring new ideas about how we perceive beauty in all of her endeavors. 

Katana Fatale
Photo: WeHeartIt 

Katana Fatale is a body and fat activist working hard everyday to take back the word "fat" and to show that a fat body can also be a beautiful one.

Photo: WeHeartIt

Peach isn't just a gorgeous size 16 model, she's a singer, entrepeneur and fashion designer. One peep at her Instagram and you'll be hooked. 

Alex LaRosa
Photo: WeHeartIt

Alex LaRosa is a size 16 model and an activist not just for women of all sizes, but for the Black Lives Matter movement as well.

Georgina Burke
Photo: WeHeartIt

Georgina Burke is a stunning size 16 model from Australia. She's also currently the brand ambassador for plus-sized powerhouse Torrid. 

Stephanie Gallagher
Photo: WeHeartIt

Stephanie Gallagher was a mother of two kids in London hating her body before a friend told her to rethink her outlook. One year later, she was signed to a major agency.

Jenn Purviance
Photo: Jenn Purviance is a size 16 model who is crushing it in the fashion world and at life. One look at her Instagram is all you need to see that she's a woman on a huge adventure. 


Valerie Lefkowitz
Photo: WeHeartIt

Valerie Lefkowitz is a size 16 model who stuns in jeans and sundresses alike. She's a powerhouse and a total beauty to boot! 

Jennie Runk
Photo: WeHeartIt

Jennie Runk isn't just another gorgeous size 16 model, she's a cat lover and a proud Hufflepuff. What is not to love, I ask you? 

Lucy Moore
Photo: WeHeartIt

Spend just a couple of minutes on size 16 model Lucy Moore's Instagram and you'll realize she's not just a stellar model, she's absolutely squad material.