You Can Now Put Weed In A Custom-Made Vagina Pipe And Smoke It

Photo: Etsy
vagina pipes

There are some things that are just too good for words, and this vagina pipe happens to be one of them. An artist on the creative goods website Etsy, Caitlin Rose Sweet, started selling her pipes, which are targeting mostly at women — queer, transgender, and even straight stoner girls — who just want to relax and smoke out of something that’s not quite so phallic in shape.

The ceramic pipes are perfect for people looking for unique pipes to add to their collection or just those who appreciate a beautiful vagina.  

“So much of weed culture is so dudely!” said Sweet, in regards to the pipes typically sold on the market. Her craft began when a friend asked for a pipe molded in the image of a mutual friend’s vagina.

While this may seem an odd request to some, Sweet was excited to take part in it. And after making that particular pipe and posting a picture of it to Instagram to share with her followers, she was shocked that requests just kept pouring in. From there, her Etsy store was born.

Photo Credit: Etsy

“There is a clear need for p*ssy pipes in the world!” she said, after seeing how eager people were to purchase the pipes.

Now that her store has taken off, Sweet sells the ceramic vagina pipes for $60, and yes, they are customizable. In fact, the artist prefers to work with these, given how she likes to mimic slight imperfections in each of her creations.

“I feel like my p*ssy pipes are different because I am not making polite, neat, tidy p*ssies,” she said. “I make pink, messy p*ssies that are all unique and different.”

And while she’s excited that the pipes are so popular, she feels limited in celebrating feminism since women are so much more than just their genitals. “My work is about celebrating bodies, not just p *ssies. The feminist struggle is way beyond cisgender women’s bodies.”

But people are excited about the pipes, which are unique and delicately made, and bring something to the table that typical old-fashioned pipes don’t.

The praise has been overwhelming, and lots of girls are very excited by the prospect of a custom-made vagina pipe. “So many femmes, women, and queers have been like, ‘Yes! Something I want to put in my mouth!’” Sweet said.

So, those looking for an amazing way to smoke, relax, or just enjoy a beautifully-made pipe can purchase their own customized vagina pipes through Sweet’s Etsy store, here.

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