What The Most Beautiful Couple In Britain Looks Like, Apparently

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Best Looking Couple

They sure are pretty.

Mel Tansley and James Ferguson, a 21- and 29-year-old, respectively, from Colchester, Essex, believe that they are Britain’s best-looking couple.

The two, whose egos must certainly rival each other, claim that they get stopped “often” on the streets by strangers and passersby who tell them that they’re just so unbelievably good looking.

The couple, who met 18 months prior on a photo shoot, and are now engaged to be married. They do everything together, including working out seven days a week, getting fake tans, whitening their teeth, and yes, even sculpting their eyebrows.

They’ve even competed in a Mr. and Mrs. Event and took home the top two places after a swimwear and evening wear round. Mel took home second place and James took home the first place crown.

The pair says they always want to be prepared for photo shoot and catwalk opportunities, which is one reason that they’re always beautifying themselves. Mel claims that her fiancé is actually the one who spends the most time getting ready and keeping his appearance up, however.

“James has better eyebrows than me and grooms himself more than I even do,” she said.

They were working with the same company when they originally met, and they soon hit it off.

There was so much we had in common — not only did we both love modeling, but we also enjoyed traveling to cities and sightseeing.”

In the meantime, while they’re not competing in glamorous shows, they both work full-time jobs that they’re hoping can fuel their future competitions. Mel is an admin for public records and James is a mortgage advisor. They’re pushing to make themselves healthier for the future and hope that they can one day make modeling their full-time careers.

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“Before meeting James, I’d only ever done fashion and catwalk modeling, but now I’m getting into the fitness side of things... James has won 13 trophies this year for fitness modeling and I’m hoping to compete in many more.”

This beautiful couple plans on tying the knot in 2018, and have plans to travel and continue modeling until then.