Trouble Remembering Things? Have More Sex, Suggests Awesome Study

Finally, it pays to be horny.

Having More Sex Improves Memory, Says New Study weheartit

Move over, ginkgo biloba, there’s something even better for memory in town.

Ladies, if you’re looking for a way to accelerate your memory and feel pretty good at the same time, there’s great news for you.

According to a new study performed by McGill University in Canada, there is a link between tissue growth in your hippocampus and one of humanity’s favorite past times: sex.

The study, which was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior — a scientific journal that sounds more like a porn novel — involved 78 heterosexual ladies (all under 30) who took a test where they were required to memorize people’s faces and then abstract words. They were also asked to fill out a form regarding their Grade Point Average (GPA) and to answer whether or not they used birth control.


Interestingly enough, the women who had the most sex out of any of the others in the group performed the best in their ability to remember the abstract words. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem that their bed sheet shenanigans had any impact on their recollection of the faces they’d viewed, however. This might not be great if you have trouble recalling faces, but it could be fantastic if you struggle to memorize words.

What this did prove, though, was that frequent sex has a notable link to increases in a person’s memory functionality. There was no certain way to determine just how sex improves memory, but the authors speculated that it could have been a couple of things.


There is a possibility that, since sex is a form of exercise (some of the only exercise some of us get, to be honest), it may improve your health and therefore have an impact on how your brain regulates tissue generation.

It’s also possible that since having sex can reduce depression, stress, and other not so great mental ailments, the flood of feel-good endorphins and other chemicals that come with it might have some direct involvement on your memory.

The study’s authors weren’t certain if reaching orgasm had anything to do with recollection, but we’re pretty certain that they’re going to try and find out. And there probably won’t be any shortage of women willing to line up and figure it out.