Here's What Happens To Fuckboys After They Reach 30

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F*ckboys are cancer in society. These are toxic men and, to a point, it’s easy to understand why being a f*ckboy can be appealing to some men. When you’re in your 20s, it’s nice to think that you can have sex with whoever you want, lead girls on, use them up, and toss them away.

The problem is that the f*ckboy lifestyle is not really doable in the long-term. By the time you’re 30, guys who are f*ckboys often will go through a lot of issues they never thought they’d care about. Here’s what I noticed about f*ckboys when they start hitting 30.

If they have kids they bailed on...


Many, many toxic men I know have kids they don’t take care of and kids they don’t see. Real men are there for their families but since they’re f*ckboys, they wouldn’t care if they had kids.

They left a wake of destruction and don’t seem to care about what happens to the kids... until, of course, they’re older. I found out what happens to many guys who bailed on baby mamas thanks to a friend of mine who had several acquaintances who did this exact thing.

According to him, most men who do this feel serious guilt... unless they’re total sociopaths or totally deluded. It’s a guilt that tends to eat them up alive.

From what he told me, many f*ckboys who ran out from kids tend to develop serious addictions. Moreover, when women find out what they did, they also have serious dating problems, and yes, women always find out eventually.

If they don’t have kids...


From what I was told, f*ckboys often do one of two things when they age. As they get older and older, they start to see their friends pairing up with women and eventually, many toxic men yearn for the exact thing the very girls they treated poorly wanted with them.

The problem is that they're often so rooted in their f*ckboys ways that they're selfish, abusive, or otherwise terrible partners. After all, they spent the past 8, 10, maybe 12 years doing nothing but being jerks. Why would they suddenly be able to be considerate all the time? Women pick up on that and reject them.

Because they don’t know any other way to act except for sh*tty, they often end up staying single for a very long time and those who don’t often find themselves being dropped when women become wise to their behavior. Sometimes, this results in a “come to Jesus” moment that sets off serious internal change, but that’s rare.

More often than not, they'll keep coasting along until they can no longer delude themselves... and then they'll crash.

The conclusion of this is that most of the time, people don’t change... and that means they’ll eventually have to face the music.  


If a person was vapid and selfish enough to become a toxic man, eventually that behavior will bite them in the ass. And because f*ckboys always take the easy street, they won’t likely change.

So, what ends up happening is that the damage they did to others ends up leaving them alone, alienated, and used up, and they often get to watch their exes live happy lives without them in the picture.