21 One Night Stand Horror Stories That Are So Awkward It HURTS

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One-night stands may seem exciting and sexy at first — and you know, in the heat of the moment — but what about when it doesn't turn out as perfect as you thought it would?

Many people love the idea of having a casual hookup with someone who is basically just a stranger to them, because it's fun and spontaneous. Plus, you never have to see the person again — score! 

But... what if you did see them again?

Ok, that may have sounded a little ominous and we're not trying to go full horror movie on you. However, it DOES happen. There is always that slight possibility that you might run into your one-night stand at some point. Helloooo, major awkwardness!

Here are some crazy one-night stand sex stories that are SO awkward they may make you question the whole idea of a casual hookup.

1. From pleasure to... business?

"Had a one night stand this weekend, turns out he is the new music teacher at the school I teach at ..."

2. They show up at your job — with their partner.


"I'm a massage therapist and I once massaged a guy I had a one night stand with ... in a couples session with his current gf."

3. You're in a situation where you meet their family.


"Had a one night stand with a married man I met at a club two years ago. I'm an ICU nurse and my patient is the man I had the one night stand with. It's hard being around his wife and kids. They have no idea."

4. A family member is now dating your one night standwhoa.


"Met my mom's new boyfriend. Hmmm, why did he look so familiar? That's right, he was a one night stand I had last year."

5. The world works in funny ways sometimes ...


"Of all the things I expect to happen, pulling up next to a one night stand while stopped at a red light is definitely not one of them. Nice move, universe."

6. When they might turn out to be your boss.


"Had a one night stand the other night ... now she's across the table from me interviewing me for a job ..."

7. Work seems to be a popular place for one night stands to pop up in.


"Today I found out that the new guy in the office is the same guy I had a one night stand with. Couldn't be more awkward."

8. They were already in a relationship ...


"That moment when you spit out your coffee cause you see the guy you had a one night stand with on the Maury show, trying to prove he didn't cheat. I had no idea he had a gf!"

9. When they contact you out of the blue ...


"My one night stand just called to ask me on a date. Our one night stand was a year ago and I haven't spoken to him since."

10. When your one night stand starts to turn into a soap opera ...


"7 years ago I had a one night stand with a random guy ... Today, he is dating my step-sister. She has no idea."

11. It's called a one night stand for a reason ...


"Ran into my one night stand from last weekend today. He wanted to repeat that night but unfortunately for him, I don't and I had to tell him that I just wasn't into it."

12. When you have to handle an awkward encounter with a one night stand ...


"Approached by a girl I never called after a one night stand. Had to use the "you're a grown up girl, did you really think I was going to call you" line. Still feel guilty about it."

13. Your one night stand was the person your best friend likes.


"My best friend has been crushing hard on a girl, but he doesn't know I've already had a one night stand with her."

14. When you see your one night stand with their family ...


"Had a one night stand a week ago, saw the guy and his fiancée and child today while shopping." 

15. When you hope your one night stand won't be needing a student-teacher conference.


"Over winter break I had a one night stand with a younger guy. Today was the first day of the spring semester, I looked down and noticed he's one of my students."

16. Oops, we did it again?


"I hooked up with a guy I met at a bar last night. I woke up this morning and realized he looked familiar. I had a one night stand with him 3 years ago."

17. You just wanted to go shopping ...


"So awkward when the dude you slept with "one night stand" is the store clerk that you see two days later."

18. When social media knows you a little too well ...


"Yes Facebook, I do know this person you suggest. But I was hoping I'd never see my one night stand again."

19. You never really know where you'll run into them.


"Ran into a girl I had a one night stand with at the gym tonight ... awkward."

20. It could even be at your local breakfast restaurant.


"Just ran into the guy that I had a one night stand/lost my virginity to ... he's my waiter at ihop ..."

21. And sometimes it can be surprisingly ... normal.

"I ran into a one night stand yesterday, we hugged and that was it. We can all be civil."