6 Things Aries Women Do That Attract Men Like CRAZY

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6 Things Aries Women To Attract Men Like CRAZY

An Aries woman is the total package. Whether she’s your best friend or your girlfriend, you already know that there is NEVER a dull moment when you’re with this zodiac sign.

She might be a little crazy and in her element sometimes, but her determination and drive are incredibly impressive. A lot of people look up to Aries for a multitude of reasons. It seems impossible that anyone could be THAT perfect and yet, Aries exists.


She thrives most in situations where she can really show off her skills. Whether that means kicking ass at work, going above and beyond as a girlfriend, or taking her friends out to an amazing party to let loose on the weekend, Aries can do it all and she can do it well.

The Aries woman is always more than happy to give her best friends advice and help them out when they need it most. 

She's a huge catch and men tend to flock to her. It might be her confident vibe that makes her so sexy or maybe it's the way she gets along with just about everybody — but whatever it is that makes her so attractive, she knows how to lure people in and leave them wanting more.

Sure, Aries might be known to be a little competitive and impatient, but does she ever let that slow her down? No way. Instead of competitive, she’s a go-getter. Rather than being impatient, she’s eager.

Obviously, an Aries woman is all that and a bag of chips, so see what Aries women do that make men so attracted to her, below.

1. She likes a challenge in (and out) of the bedroom.


She loves a challenge; whether that means a physical one or a mental one, she is all over it. Where others would rather NOT deal with something that isn’t easy, she thrives in these situations. Challenges give her a chance to show off her sexy smarts, but they can also make intimate time even more fun.

Even more than she loves being in charge in the bedroom, trying something different is right up her alley. That might mean trying that weird-looking toy she found online or contorting her body into a position that would make an acrobat jealous, she is always up to the challenge, and that makes her man go crazy.

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2. She does things just for the hell of it.


Anything but boring, she can drive her guy crazy… and not ALWAYS in a good way. She tends to do things without thinking about the consequences first and for no other reason than the fact that it sounds fun to her. She lives to have fun and make memories, but sometimes, her impulsive behavior can exhaust the guy she's with. But it's a push and pull — irresistible to the spontaneous guys. It's a love, hate ... no ... LOVE relationship. Who said complicated isn't fun anyway, right?

3. She turns everything into a competition.


She likes being on top — in more ways than one — and it gives her a rush to find the competition in almost everything. Unfortunately, not everyone is playing the same game she is, and it can often get annoying when she tries to win at everything. It can be especially hard for her man when he just wants to have a little fun and she encourages him to make it serious.

Her competitive attitude isn’t necessarily a bad trait to have, but her guy friends might roll their eyes and think, “here we go again,” when she gets into that mindset. She isn't always able to pick and choose her battles, so she can seem like a much more aggressive person than she really is. This may SEEM like a bad thing at first, but men LOVE a forward woman — even when she drive them a little crazy.

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4. Sex with her is FULL of passion.


She LOVES having passionately hot sex — and why shouldn’t she when she's such a pro at it?! One night stands or serious relationships, she loves to show off what she can do. The best part? Her man will never forget how steamy their night together was, and he’ll be dreaming about it until the next time they hook up.

Because she's the leader of her group of friends, they all look to her for sex advice; how to do it, how to make him want more, and everything in between. She loves the attention and the chance to be a teacher, so she is willing to share her wealth of knowledge to anyone who wants to know. Plus, the kinkier the sex, the better the story she has to tell her friends.

5. Her confidence is CRAZY sexy.


She doesn't let anyone’s opinion of her sway her confidence, making her THAT much sexier. Friends and strangers alike wish they could have the amount of confidence that she does because she carries it so well. It’s not so much that they envy her for it, but rather they hope to one day be a total goddess like she is.

Her confident personality not only gets her any guy she wants, but it also brings a ton of opportunity. When she wants something (or someone) in life, she doesn't stop until she get it. And honestly, who is going to be the one to say no to her?!

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6. She has no chill.


She can be SO impatient sometimes and trust me, everyone sees it. In her mind, every minute spent waiting around or being lazy is a perfectly good minute wasted. She has sh*t to do and she plans on getting it done. While we all appreciate her go-to attitude, she really just has no chill.

She isn't afraid to tell people that they’re wasting her time, but is it REALLY necessary to be so blunt about it? She is probably thinking, “yes,” but maybe she needs to tone it down a bit so people don’t think she's that crazy (even if she is). Hey, gotta keep 'em guessing, right?