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Behind Every Crazy B*tch Is A Girl Who Put Up With Too Much TOO LONG

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I've only gone full crazy-bitch a handful of times in my life — and all were because I had been way too nice for way too long. 

Most recently, I was in the middle of a breakup with a guy who had taken advantage of my niceness for most of our relationship. I always slept at his house, hung out with his friends, brought him lunch, and did pretty much everything in my power to make sure he was happy. Never vice-versa. 

Up until the end of our relationship, I had played the role of the nice girlfriend.

The one who always made time and tried hard not to complain.

The one who didn't demand, but altered her lifestyle to better match his. It's really hard for me not to look back at this part of my life without doing a major eye roll. 


When we were breaking up, I asked him for some space. Things between us had gotten a little heated, and I need time to process everything and figure out what I wanted. 

His response was to do the total opposite.

Instead of letting me breathe, he blew up my phone on every outlet possible until I responded.

He would text, call me, write me emails and send me messages on Snapchat. My phone would ding repeatedly every five minutes with a message from him about how sorry he was immediately followed by another that would say I was acting ridiculous and he's about to cut me off altogether. 

I tolerated this for few hours, not wanting to give into his crazy, but eventually I got weak and answered one of his calls. He was crying and upset, and trying to talk me into getting back together. I started to calmly tell him why I didn't think that was a good idea right now, and he cut me off. 

That's when I lost it. That's when I turned into a "crazy bitch." 

I yelled and screamed at him to leave me the hell alone until I saw red. Honestly, I have no idea what I actually said to him, but within a few minutes of my very loud rant, he hung up the phone. And my phone stopped dinging for awhile. 


While yes, there are plenty of girls who fall on the crazy bitch act way too often, most of the time my situation is usual. A nice, chill girl who put up with a guy's disrespect because she liked him until she realizes she doesn't like him enough to deal with it and blows up. 

It's little things that build over time to create these self-explosions, and they could be totally prevented if girls started being more direct about what they want and don't want.

If you stick up for yourself in the beginning, you're more likely to just be a little bitchy rather than a full-on crazy girl.