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Sometimes A Man's Purpose Is To Make You Stronger For Someone Else

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I've always lived with the idea that you meet people in your life for a reason. Everyone serves a purpose and has a lesson to teach you. 

While our parents and best friends can be some of the more obvious moral teachers, the things we can learn from a romantic relationships can be a little murky.

When we're in the middle of it all, we want the purpose to be love and support. We want the class to be "How to Find Your Soulmate 101," — but that's usually not the case.


After a relationship ends, we're often mad at ourselves (and the other person) for wasting so much of our time. What's the point of falling in love and getting attached to someone if all you get in the end is a broken heart?

But what we fail to realize is that a broken heart is the lesson.  

The majority of relationships we get into, we get into blindly. We find someone we like and give them our all. We dive in head first expecting the world and fully believing that the person we've chosen is exactly what we want — even though we haven't really taken the time to figure out what we want. 

That's what a broken heart and failed relationships teach us: what we don't want. 


We learn what disrespect looks like. We figure out what values are important to us. We understand what it's like to be with someone who isn't like us.

And most importantly, we learn how to give ourselves the kind of love we're always searching for in someone else.

If we ignore the lessons in self-love that we're supposed to learn then we'll be stuck in a never ending cycle of bad relationships that "waste our time." We won't move forward or get any better if we don't ask for it. 

So rather than look back on your relationships with a negative perspective, try to see them as a stepping stone.

A lesson you had to learn in order to move on to the next one and the next one until you're finally ready for the real deal. 

There's always something to learn, you just have to be open to it.