If He Wants To Leave, It Wasn't Meant To Be — Bye Bye A**hole!

Just let him go.

If He Wants To Leave The Relationship, Let Him Go weheartit

More often than not, all of our relationship problems come down to one simple internal struggle: a fear of control.

We're either afraid to take it, afraid to let it go, or we don't know how to use it (for good) to get what we want. When it comes from a place of insecurity, women often try to control the man they're with (or the relationship itself) instead of focusing on what they control about themselves.  


Sometimes when they're afraid of losing the guy, they'll try to do everything in their power to keep them. 


They change their appearance or behaviors to make them happy. They clean the house and pick up the dry cleaning. They spice things up in bed. They make themselves available 24/7 for their man. 


And even despite all their hard work, the guy still wants to leave.

Because here's the thing: guys don't want to be with someone they don't respect. And if you're constantly doing everything (and then some) for your guy, and putting yourself second or third in the process, he's not going to respect you.

Smart girls know that maintaining their own self-respect is one of the most important things you can do in a relationship, no matter what the status of it is. They don't do things they don't agree with, they don't put a man before themselves and they have no problem leaving if a man isn't treating them well. 

They have control over themselves, and they let go of the idea that they have any control over the guy they're with. Just as he has the power to leave, so does she. 



Rather than try to convince the guy that he shouldn't leave, she helps him pack his bags. She doesn't want anyone who doesn't want her, and she knows there are TONS of other things she can do with her time rather than chase a man. 

So if your man is acting distant or saying he wants some space, it's time to let him go. Give him space willingly and with a smile. Tell him to take all the time he needs, and then go live your life the way you want. 


Because the last thing you need is to waste your time on someone who doesn't care