These Kids Are SICK Of Your Gender-Stereotyping BS

They're not going to take it!

Heteronormative pinknews

Heteronormativity refers to a societal expectation and assumption that heterosexuality as the norm, and that girls and boys are inherently different or similar based on gender alone.

Now, doesn't that sound a bit limiting? Super limiting, right? I'm sure I'm not the only girl out there that refused to call herself a girl when they asked at McDonalds so they knew what kind of toy to give you.

I'm sure I'm not the only girl out there that refused to call herself a girl when they asked at McDonalds so they knew what kind of toy to put in your Happy Meal. 


No, I don't want a tiny motionless Cabbage Patch doll! I want the Hot Wheels! Is this a joke??

You feel me, right? Or at least you get me? On some level?

With the help of the internet, kids are free to share their thoughts, opinions, and feelings about this hyper-limited system — and prove that it's OK to break this outdated mold.

And trust me when I say it's super refreshing to see so many kids calling it out. Just watch ...

1. Daisy Edmonds ... on clothes

Daisy Edmonds, a super cool and opinionated 8-year-old girl vents about the ridiculousness of girls clothes in comparison to clothes. Boys get messages of adventure, following their dreams, and becoming a hero, while girls get messages focused on outward appearances and being social. Nuclear family, much? If little girl can notice this BS, maybe kids' designers should start taking some notes!


2. Riley ... on toys

At the time, Riley was 4 years old and commenting on the marketing practices of big toy companies. In less than a minute, she shot down all the "tricks" that these toy companies use, and proclaimed that "Some girls like superheroes, and some girls like princesses! Some boys like superheroes, and some boys like princesses!" Everyone can like whatever they like and shouldn't have to feel weird about it, or different! It's just the way it is. This binary system is just too limiting!


3. These kids ... on "being a man"

These lovely children were asked to talk about male stereotypes, common phrases that imply what a man SHOULD be, and so forth. And they all agreed it's ridiculous and everyone should be able to be who they are without apology. PREACH!


4. Bobby Montoya ... on the Girl Scouts of America


Bobby enjoys what is traditionally considered to be "girly" things like toys, fashion, and the like. He wanted to become a Girl Scout but was turned down by the troop leader since he was physically male. This upset him. However, since then, the Girl Scouts headquarters have confirmed that as long as someone identifies as a girl and is presented as one, Girl Scouts will allow the child to join. Way to go, Bobby, for bringing this issue to light!



5. Skylar ... on life with the heart and mind of a girl

By the age of 5, it was very clear to Skylar and her parents that while the child did have boy parts, that fact — and all the weight of what she was "supposed" to do because she was born with these parts — weighed her down to tears. The family didn't describe accepting Skylar as a girl as easy, but nonetheless, it just goes to show how much these things add up.


6. Jackson ... on princess appreciation



Jackson is actress Charlene Theron's son. She recently let Jackson dress up as Elsa, and this sparked a huge controversy over the internet. But you know what? Jackson is in this picture with his head held high. For too long, black men have been held to a certain standard — one that causes people to see this innocent outfit as "disrespectful." And I think Jackson agrees that it's about time we let that go (yeah, I said it), and rise above it.

7. Losiah ... on "Single Ladies"

Okay, so Losiah may not identify as a female, and maybe this isn't an overt commentary on gender roles, but dammit, he can enjoy and be a single lady all he wants! Every kid in that backseat was very disappointed in Losiah's father harshing their happy Single Lady vibes just because Losiah is a boy. Nobody should feel left out for a silly reason like that!