You Know It's True Love When He Lets You Nap Without Saying A Word

Photo: Leszek Glasner/Shutter Stock

Too often, women are the only ones to accommodate in a relationship. 

You go to his favorite restaurant. You let him choose the movie. You hang out with his friends. You forgo your sleep because he wanted to out till 3 a.m. even though you really wanted to go to bed.

And you forgo your nap the next day because he wants you to come over. 

The intention behind this unnecessary act of dedication is probably good. You want to be a good girlfriend and make him happy right — because you're terrified he's gonna leave you. 

This attitude is actually counterproductive. If you're always accommodating your man, he's going to get bored of using you. Or worse, he'll continue to use you forever and ever till death do you part, or he eventually leaves you for one of the women he's been seeing on the side. 

The majority of men will do that to a degree if you let them.

So, you gotta stop letting them. 

Attitude is everything, and you have to have a strong, positive one about yourself. You can't take any shit from men, man. You have to fight for your favorite restaurant and demand the movie choice. You tell that little son of a bitch that you're going to bed when you want to go to bed. 

You have to make it clear from the very beginning that you're not cool with making your needs second. 

Now, of course, you don't have to yell and scream to get this point across. If you suggest sushi for dinner, but he wants to go to that steak place for the zillionth, tell him you're really craving sushi so you'll just go get it with your girlfriends and see him another time. 

Yes doing this will scare off a few dudes. The ones who aren't ready for a strong woman will get annoyed with you and stop calling. Let them. 

You want the man who wants you to want yourself.

You want the guy who's excited by your attitude and your edge. You want the guy who will happily accommodate your needs. 

You want the guy who will let you nap. Period.