VIDEO: Man Kisses So Badly You'll Want To Crawl Out Of Your Skin

This Poor Man Might Be The Worst Kisser Of All Time

Please, just tell me when it's over.

Meeting someone new is one of life’s happiest, but sometimes hardest, quandaries. You want to make a good impression, build up a good rapport with the other person, and get that ever-so-coveted kiss when you feel a connection...

But apparently, someone at TLC thought that cramming the awkward initial meeting, small talk, and first kiss together in the first few moments of seeing someone for the first time EVER was a good idea.

They mistakenly believed their show Love at First Kiss was the basis of a great series — and not just thirty minutes of the audience sitting there in absolute cringe-worthy horror as they squirm at what they’re seeing on the screen in front of them.

Case in point? Meet Josh.


Josh is nervous, and it’s really, really easy to see. As he meets women and kisses them — or mashes lips with them, at least, and sometimes not even that — each meeting somehow becomes more awkward than the last.

You wind up just watching it through your fingers, eyes closed almost to slits, pushed as far back away from your screen as you possibly can be, because you’re cringing so hard your insides hurt. Josh is on a show about kissing, and it’s soon very clear that he knows absolutely nothing about it.


In fact, watching Josh get and give kisses is absolutely one of the most awkward things you will ever see in your entire life. That’s absolutely a promise.

Each successive woman gets an even weirder treatment, and poor Josh remains dumbfounded and confused by the art of kissing. Apparently, he was so bad at it that a kissing coach had to be brought in, and she encouraged him to use his hands. Great idea, in theory, until this happened:


Have you ever seen someone so utterly terrified to touch another person?

Josh’s bizarre appearance has been shared thousands of times, probably by people just as mortified by the show as he is. I would almost hedge a bet that more people have seen the clips of Josh than people actually watched the show, since it pretty much seems destined to fail.

Love at First Kiss initially premiered in August, but it hasn’t picked up much steam with viewers, thankfully, and it seems like this is one show that would be better off making like Josh... and running away.


Check out the cringe-worthy moment where Josh receives his first (of many) awkward kisses: