As A Woman, I'm TIRED Of Being Told I Should Be Offended By Trump

I'm TIRED Of Being Told I Should Be Offended By Trump

I'm a woman and I'm not offended by his 'grab 'em by the pussy' comments in the least.

Women have been sexualized since the beginning of time. His words are not shocking. Please don't go around supporting late night TV, movies, tabloids, and today's popular music, and then all of a sudden act offended by words said by a man in private. That does not fly with me.

I have enough confidence in myself as a woman than to let someone's words offend me. We as women are stronger than the media tries to convince us to believe. We're not fragile little kittens that need to be coddled and shielded from brash words said by an oversexed old man.

I'm not saying I like what he said but I'm not married to the man. The only man I hold in a higher regard and demand respect from is my husband.

Trump's words do not affect me, but his actions will. His policies as president are what could affect me: His tax plan, healthcare, gun laws are what will affect me, NOT some words he said about a married woman 11 years ago in private to another man.

I cannot support a woman who will push more businesses out of this country due to her tax plan. I cannot support a woman whose healthcare plan will continue to destroy this country's health system. I cannot support a woman that wants to rid this country of our legal right to arm ourselves. I cannot support a woman whose regulations will continue to destroy small businesses, farms, and industry.

I am not a stark conservative but I am not a supporter of big government.

So let me reiterate: Do not tell me, because I am a woman, who I need to vote for!

This article was originally published at Facebook. Reprinted with permission from the author.