For All The Women Who Do Not Give A Sh*t

Bold women keep humanity moving forward.

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All hail the women who do not give a f*ck. The gals who can say "no" to others without feeling compelled to offer an explanation to coddle anyone's feelings. The women who dress boldly and view dress codes merely as gentle suggestions. The ladies who see society's expectations and go "Nah" without constantly second-guessing themselves. You are my heroes.

I never understood envying those who were part of the "popular crowd," because to me, the coolest kids in school were always the ones who stood out. As an adult, I find that to still be the truth.


Women who don't give a sh*t about what society has to say have always been my favorite form of company.


The elderly grandmother at the wedding who is drinking and talking smack about people is always more fun than people too worried about their appearance or trying to network to have a good time. I prefer friends with cluttered houses and uncensored conversation, who do what they need to make themselves happy without worrying too much about the health trend du jour.


The heroines I most admire are those who are the targets of society's ongoing commentary about how women "should" dress or speak or eat or behave or f*cking live our lives and don't even pause to listen. I admire the women who don't ask for advice and ignore any from anyone who seeks to undermine her autonomy. I admire any woman whose tenacity has galvanized her independence and who is motivated by her own confidence.

History is stuffed with women who didn't give a sh*t about what anyone thought. Harriet Tubman, Mukhtar Mai (née Muhktaran Bibi), Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Marsha P. Johnson, and every single inaugural female prime minister looked their society in the eye and said, "I'm going to turn this around and I do not give a single f*ck what anyone has to say about it."

I've only named a handful of the women whose legacies are still revered, but there are undoubtedly thousands of others whose boldness helped shaped society's evolution and whose names have been lost to time (See: Claudette Colvin). Bold women keep humanity moving forward, from the most subtle deviation to the grandest rebellion.



As a female, it takes courage to walk out the door every day and assert yourself to the world but it takes tits of steel to flip the bird at a world that wants to tell you that you're wrong for being who you are and going for what you want.

For every woman who keeps at it without blinking twice at your haters, I salute you.