15 Powerful Insta-Quotes By Aaron Daniel That Will Change Your Life

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Powerful Instagram Quotes Poet Aaron Daniel About Life
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Life isn't always easy, but these words can get you through.

I know, I know, we’ve all heard it before. When life gives you lemons, you make it lemonade. Yes, it’s a cheesy cliché, BUT it’s also a great motto to keep in the back of your head when you’re starting to question things about your life.

I’ve been there, you’ve been there — we’ve ALL been there.

It’s no secret that life isn’t always easy. Some days are better than others. Some days you feel like you’re on cloud nine and nothing could be better. Other days you struggle just to make it through the day. Some days you're broke. Other days you wonder why you ever worried about money in the first place.

No matter the case, what you really need to do is take a step back. Sometimes removing yourself from the situation and looking at it from an outsider’s point of view can really change your entire perspective on life.

Whether you feel lucky as hell to have the life you’re living, or you believe it’s time to make a change, a change in perspective can lead to incredible realizations.

Instagram poet Aaron Daniel does an amazing job of portraying these kinds of life-altering realizations in his writing. He really lays it all out there. Every aspect of life — both good and bad — are touched and conveyed in a such a motivational and inspiring way.

Look to these poems as a guide for better living, and let them inspire you to live your life to the absolute fullest and — most importantly —shine through your darkest days. 

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On overcoming the hardships in your life.
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"Worry not... These trials will eventually lead you to the best parts of yourself." A. Daniel

On remembering your past while moving forward.
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"Make peace with where you have been—so you can begin to love where you are going." — A. Daniel

On remembering to care for the ones you love most.
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"When you love her energy; when you love her smile—keep in heart and mind, the blessing she is to your life." — A. Daniel

On speaking up and standing up for what's right.
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"Those who shouted about Colin Kaepernick, now as quiet as mice! Where has your voice gone? ...disgusting!" — A. Daniel

On exploring love with the person you call yours.
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"She is the world, and my love is the passport, permitting me to travel her nether regions... Exploring her mind in the clouds; peaks & valleys; her hills & canyons; before laying on her beach with her warm tide washing over me—in both the rain & sunny seasons." — A. Daniel

On searching for your other half.
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"Seek gold, but do not make it your shelter—the jewel inside of another is a better place to dwell." — A. Daniel

On being you - unapologetically.
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"Stop waiting for permission to display all of your greatness." — A. Daniel

On living - fully and completely.
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"I wish to see the world in all her beauty... Adventure awaits, I embrace future discoveries." — A. Daniel

On appreciating yourself ... fully.
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"Learn to love yourself unmistakably, and without compromise." — A. Daniel

On finding new love in the little things.
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"Love to learn her everyday; she is going to teach you something." — A. Daniel

On remembering to always do the right thing.
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"Even the biggest lies are only temporary, but the truth, it never fades away." — A. Daniel

On true, undeniable freedom.
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"...And you will know freedom, once you liberate yourself from others expectations." — A. Daniel

On the highs and lows of what it's like to REALLY live.
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"Do not be numb if you wish to heal your wounds; First learn to feel where they are." — A. Daniel

On being you and owning up to your past.
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"It is never too late to be you; Let truth atone for the lies you have told your heart. — A. Daniel

On suicide.
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"Humans; strange creatures we are. We will do anything to survive, except when it comes to these matters of the heart... Jumping all the way in without thinking—sometimes love is like suicide." — A. Daniel