Yikes! These 7 Things Make Your Vagina Dry (And Sex SUPER Painful)

From waterfall to cracked earth!

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A dry vagina is the pits. 

You're going about your day, trying to do your job and run your errands but there's this nagging itchy burning desert between your legs. Vaginal dryness has struck, and woe to anyone who tries to get in its way.

What gives, vagina? 

Vaginal dryness is much more common than you might think, and the things that often cause it are easy to fix once you've nailed down the culprit.


Here are seven common causes of a dry vagina, hopefully this helps you get back to your wild, wet vagina-having self in no time flat! 

1. Your allergy meds

If you are an allergy sufferer you antihistamines could be contributed to the dryness in your vagina. Antihistamines work by drying out your sinuses, but those aren't the only mucous membranes they dry out. Ouch! Talk to your doctor about your drug options and make sure you've always got a good lube on standby. 



2. Your birth control 

Hormonal birth control is a great method of contraception that allows a woman to be fully in control of her body. But whenever you change your natural hormones, you need to be mindful.

Some hormonal birth control regimes might dry out your vagina. If you're experience this, talk to your OBGYN. 

3. Your vaginal sprays 

Your vagina is remarkable. It's like a self-cleaning oven that can produce children AND make you orgasm. Despite the messages sent to us through modern media, your vagina smells the way it is supposed to smell.

Avoiding "freshening" sprays that contain alcohol, which is notoriously drying to your skin. Revel in your own aroma! 


4. Your diet 

Increasing your estrogen intake (unless you are breast cancer survivor) is a great way of keeping your vagina wet. Eat foods like tofu and soy that are PACKED with phyo-estrogen. If you hate tofu, close your eyes and think of orgasms. 

5. Your bathing habits 

Remember me saying how your vagina is a marvelous self-cleaning oven? That even applies when you're showering.

Use soap on your mons pubis if you must, but to prevent ingredients like glycerin from drying out your vagina, keep the soap away from your actual vagina. 

Wash with nice warm water, making sure you get between the labia and around your vagina. That really is enough. 



6. Your stress levels 


How are you feeling? Stressed, anxious? If you answered yes, this might be why your are suffering from a dry vagina. Anxiety reduces your blood flow which in turn, keeps you drier than dry in the downstairs region. 

7. Your bedroom behavior 

If you are only noticing your vaginal dryness during sex, then you and your partner might be jumping towards the main event way too quickly. Pretend you're a teenager again, draw out the foreplay. If you are truly aroused a wet vagina will follow.