'Skinny' Prosecco Is Here, So We Can All Drink Champagne W/O Guilt

Photo: Skinny Prosecco

Good news, Prosecco lovers! You can now have drink to your heart’s content with only half the guilt. This 100 percent organic wine is now just 67 calories per glass — a far cry from around the 130 per glass it was before.

If you love champagne, then you’ll know that this wonderful, fizzy beverage comes to us from grapes grown in the foothills of the Dolomites in picture-perfect, rolling hills and land of our dreams Italy — a place where wine, love, and happiness go hand in glorious hand, sweeping through the glowing fields of grain with their skinnier-thanks-to-pasta beltlines and gloriously tanned skin.

This luscious champagne may not contain the sweeter, overly processed sugars of other brands, but this sparkling wine is stunning all the same.

Photo: Instagram

Enjoy it — truly enjoy it — because you can feel guilt-free with a couple of glasses while you’re on your diet, or even just trying to keep things light. And even better news for animal lovers out there: Prosecco is vegan friendly, which means you can consume it with even less worry.

This wine is truly going all out, appealing to our waists and our little furry animal-loving hearts. Drink it while relaxing next to your pet, and know that the look in their eyes will be love — and possibly needing walkies — but won’t guilt you into shame over an animal tested product.

Amanda Thomson, CEO of Thomson & Scott said, "Our common commitment to transparency in food and drink makes us a natural fit for the Millennial customers who want less sugar in their lives but don’t want to compromise on taste."

The sparkling wine brand, called "Skinny," is only available at select UK retailers and online right now, but that may change as the makers are working hard to spread the love and joy of a low-calorie wine.

Photo: Manchester Evening News

Again, this is a completely organic wine from the foothills of Italy, so it's pretty amazing you can purchase it for £17.99​ ($22).

And if we taste-worthy millennials are lucky, maybe, just maybe, they’ll increase the minimum wage to a working wage so our sugar-tired palates will finally get to try the exquisite taste of guilt-free Italian sparkling wine en masse.