What Men Like MORE Than Your Boobs (As Told By A Guy)

Guess what: Your ta-ta's aren't what men REALLY want.

brains over boobs Shutter Stock

It’s obvious that men love boobs.

But ladies: It’s not your knockers that we as men REALLY crave in the long-term. It’s your brain (and not in the zombie sense…)

An Elite Daily article listed seven traits men look for in the woman of their dreams. Believe it or not, a nice butt, a busty chest, and ability to walk in 6-inch stilettos weren’t on the list (GASP!). Instead, traits like character, intelligence, and confidence were the headliners.


Did you know 86 percent of men reported that they WOULD feel comfortable dating someone more intelligent? Also, another 2006 study found that men in a speed-dating environment found intelligence appealing unless they perceived their female date to be smarter.

Let’s be real. Yes, it’s true that a lot of guys aren’t thrilled with the idea that their significant other is mentally superior to them (it’s a macho thing). But the fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, there are certain things that men really want that you simply can’t do if all you are to him is a pair of double D’s with legs. So we’ll get over our pride.


Face it: Your boobs can’t raise his children. Most men want a family. In order to have a successful, dynamic relationship with the mother of our children, we need (and want) to have someone who will work with us to effectively parent our kids. Parenting is a team sport, so we want teammate who will actually be involved and not just sit on the couch caring for her cuticles. Nobody, man or woman, wants to be that parent with the kid in school who is known for being a brat because they weren’t properly parented. Nobody.

We men are insecure, too. We may put on a macho bravado, but in reality, we’re human, and sometimes we need support. So who do we look for when we need that support? Often times it’s our wife, girlfriend, or significant other. We crave a woman who will be there to face our hardships WITH us. So in the long-term, we’re not looking for someone who won’t face life’s storms because they’re afraid of their “hair getting wet.”

And if you feel like you’re that kind of woman, one word: umbrella.

Guys are also easily bored. And when we get bored, we tend to do stupid things. We want to be challenged, so challenge us! Yes, your boobs are great (really, really great) and fun to play with, but just like anything else you play with, eventually it gets old.


However, your mind is perennial. The best men want someone who will continue to push them, encourage them, and help them be the best man they can be. Guys love the chase, and your challenges will help us chase our own personal success.

While we’re hunting our own success, we also want someone who is seeking theirs. Think about it this way: Would you want to be with a man who’s lifelong dream is to work at a gas station? If for whatever reason you answered yes, go down to the nearest Exxon and propose; I’m sure he’s single. An inspired woman with ambition is WAY sexier than one with a grand canyon of cleavage.

You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be Barbie. But at the same time, you also don’t have to be a rocket scientist. What we as men look for in a woman are traits that will help us be better, help us reach our goals, and help us lead a happier, more successful life. We want more than a brainless bimbo with Kim Kardashian lips and hips; we want you. Otherwise, we’d just marry a sex doll.