15 Famous Guys Who Prove That Being Smart Is HOT AF


In a world where it's significantly easier to find a list of the world's hottest men, women, etc., it's easy for any smarts-loving guy or gal to get lost in a world obsessed with looks. Here's a little break from that. Let's all join hands and drool over the power and sexiness of wit and mind, shall we?

1. Dr. Philip Emeagwali


The Nigerian inventor and winner of the Gordon Bell Prize for inventing a supercomputer studied his butt off FROM HOME. Now that's a dedication to knowledge.

2. Edward Snowden


Remember the guy who revealed some of the U.S. government's biggest secrets about how much privacy we REALLY had?

That was this guy.

On top of outsmarting our government, he was/is a genius coder that helped develop some huge programs that helped him get super high security clearance by the time he was 29. He may be stuck in Moscow to avoid legal ramifications, but who doesn’t love a “bad” boy with a heart of gold on the run? He’s taken, but go ahead and drool.


3. Chris Hirata


He's a child prodigy with an affinity for physics and an IQ of roughly 225. He was seriously already recognized as a physics genius when he was 14, and he hasn't disappointed since. 

Just imagine how many interesting conversations you could have with him!

4. Magnus Carlson 


For any of you folks that appreciate the technique and strategy of chess, there's world champion Magnus Carlson. Bonus: He also does a bit of modeling. You're welcome.

5. Kevin Nadal​


​Not only is he a scholar, but he's also an activist for racial and LGBTQ+ equality. Oh, and did I mention he's a comedian? Mm-hm.

6. Conan O’Brian


He's witty and funny and constant learner. In general, he's an around-awesome person. Need I say more?


7. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

the daily beast

Does super-famous astrophysicist Neil even need an intro? He’s all over the place with that big brain of his!

8. Nolan Gould 


This guy is for you younger sapiosexuals. He's a kiddo in this video, but even at his current age of 17, he's known to be brilliant!

He plays Luke, a less than bright character on Modern Family, but in real life, he’s a member of MENSA, and has been for years. Yeah.


9. Branden Jacobs-Jenkins


Branden is an amazing playwright who presents controversial and interesting ideas through all of his plays. He’s considered to be one of the best young playwrights of our time and has won multiple awards for good reason.

This guy gets political, and I don’t know about you, but I love me a good political, artsy brain!

10. Lonnie Johnson

popular mechanics

This guy worked for NASA, earned his masters in nuclear engineering… and invented the Super Soaker water gun. Nuff said.


11. Terence Tao 


So good at math, he became a full tenured mathematics professor at UCLA by the time he was 24.

What have I been doing with my life...?


12. William Kamkwamba

​William was raised in Malawi, and at the age of 14 built windmills that actually produced electricity to power his home… FROM SCRAPS HE FOUND LYING AROUND!! And completely researched it himself, without even knowing English originally. Education is a huge priority to him, and that’s just THE BEST

13. Kim Ung-Yong


He was originally known for being a math prodigy at the age of 4, but now he's turned into something of a philosopher that's proving that IQ isn't everything. He's known as one of the world's smartest men for good reason.

14. Akshay Venkatesh



Math AND physics Olympiad, plus he's a professor at Stanford.

15. Stephen Hawking​

the smithsonian

I had to put Steve in here, are you kidding? No introduction needed, but I just HAD to share this adorable picture of him enjoying no gravity!