10 Reasons I'm OBSESSED With Angry Sex

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Why I Love Angry Sex

As anyone who isn't a virgin can tell you, there's all kinds of sex. Some girls really go for the slow, romantic kind of sex that you'd see on some sort of sultry romance novel cover. Other girls just prefer the playful romp in the hay.

While I will definitely go for those kinds of sex once in a while, angry sex is what gets me really going more often than not. Here's 10 reasons why I love angry sex the most.

1. It makes me feel powerful when I'm the one on top.


If I'm throwing around my partner, choking him and kissing him, I feel big. I feel like I'm in control. I no longer feel like the world is tossing me around. Rather, I feel like a beast that can rip people's hearts out and feed it to them if I so choose... and that's pretty hot for me.

2. When I'm the one being ravaged, it feels like a mix between being overwhelmingly desired and just letting go.

The cool thing about me being a switch in bed is that I can see the perks to being the aggressor and the submissive one who is being tossed around. Getting grabbed and manhandled that way makes me feel like my partner desires me. It also allows me to let go of my stress, because someone else is in control. As a result, it gets me high.

3. It's just so much more intense.


I'm sorry, but romantic sex isn't as intense as angry sex. With angry sex, the passion is just off the charts. Fireworks are happening, and that's a beautiful thing. And somehow, angry sex just hits all the right places, too.

4. Angry sex is a better outlet than other options.

Anger will always come out in its own way. It can be through health problems, through door slamming, or through domestic violence. Personally, I think that "f*cking it out" is a lot better than just screaming it out, don't you? It's a lot healthier, anyway.

5. Being romantic 100 percent of the time is too high pressure.


I actually dislike romance's pressure because of how frequently it forces us into roles based on gender. I don't consider myself either gender, and that means that romantic sex often makes me feel very weird. With angry sex, it's no pressure, just rage.

6. Sometimes, it's about stress relief as much as it is about actually getting laid.

I believe it was Peaches who wrote a song called "F*ck the Pain Away." While the lyrics don't quite match up with what I'm talking about right now, the fact is that there's truth in the title. Having sex does allow you to get relief from emotional and physical pain.

From what I've experienced, the more explosive the orgasm, the better you feel afterwards. Since angry sex tends to give me big Os, it's my favorite coping mechanism.

7. It's a form of communication.


Sometimes, you can tell a person's angry when you have sex. You can also tell when a person's let loose some anger during sex. In other words, it helps me better gauge my partner's emotions, even when he's been clammed up about things.

8. Oh, and you can also both be rough.

If you're both pissed off at life, angry sex allows you both to have an outlet that allows you to get rough without the police being called. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

9. It's a change from the norm.


Real angry sex is rare. It's explosive. And it's a huge change from the routine of sex as a couple. Trust me when I say it's great for switching things up, and it even gives your bedroom routine a bit more of a BDSM flair.

10. And lastly, it's a way to say everything without ever having to say a word.

How frequently can you say that about any other form of communication? Isn't that amazing stuff?