7 Women Reveal The Weirdest (But Most INTENSE) Ways They've Orgasmed

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Women Share The Weirdest But Most Intense Ways They orgasmed

So, there's porn and erotica. That's kind of obvious. We know those will usually get us in the mood. But that's not all. If you've ever leaned against a dishwasher or washing machine and gotten a fun surprise, you know there's all sorts of motors that may work for you.

All of us have those special kinky things that turn us on, and it's probably not something you are so comfortable telling others. But that doesn't make it less legit. We asked women to descibe the weirdest way they've ever had an orgasm, and they didn't hold back.

1. Grinding against furniture.


"It’s really not that weird, but we just don't talk about it. So many women orgasm by humping/grinding against furniture. They prop themselves up against chests of drawers, straddle the arm of a sofa, and grind against the edge," says Dr. Jess, Astroglide's resident sexologist.

2. Using exercise equipment.

"The ab roller and leg raises while hanging from the pull-up bar! By engaging (contracting) the pelvic floor muscles and using the mind to focus on that area, you can achieve an orgasm. The mind and body connection is key; really feel in your body the sensation and the experience will be like none other." —Anonymous

3. When the sexual tension is so intense, I can literally taste it.


"There have been a few times when I've been out in public and for whatever reason been incredibly turned on. I think having to wait and letting the anticipation build can make an orgasm SO much stronger. Feeling the relief of finally being alone and able to do something about it... Some of the most amazing, intense, fast orgasms I can remember." —Anonymous

4. When a guy goes down on me and licks around my clit, but not directly on it.

"When a guy is going down on you but with your panties still on... like the hot breath, licking action but not actually directly ON your skin. That feels incredible. And brings a quicker more intense orgasm for sure. Guys, do that more often and for a little longer, please." — Anonymous

5. Riding bareback on a horse.


"I was about 18 years old and on my high school equestrian team, with my specialty being steeplechase. For those unfamiliar with that sport, it basically involves riding a horse around a course of obstacles, which horse and rider jump over rails and water pools. 

It was the final heat, and excitement was running high in front of a small stadium filled with family and fans. When it became obvious that I was going to win the contest, on my final jump landing I had one of the most intense, bone-shaking orgasms of my life. So intense that right after crossing the finish line, I fell off my horse in front of several hundred cheering spectators!" —​Coleen Singer, sexpert at

6. Double penetration: one guy in my ass, one in my p*ssy.

"The most intense orgasm I've ever had in my entire life was during my post-college slutty phase. I was very experimental and had sex with lots of different men and women. One night, I decided I was going to challenge myself and try and find two men to take advantage of me. It turned out not to be a challenge at all. It was a piece of f*cking cake. At 11 PM I had two handsome, chiseled friends in my apartment and at my disposal.

I did what most women only see in porn: the double penetration. I had one guy in my ass and another in my p*ssy, and we were f*cking to the incredible beat that only Biggie Smalls can provide. To this day, it was the best sex of my life." —Anonymous

7. Sitting on the washing machine.


"Ever sit on the washing machine waiting for the cycle to end? Those vibrations pack a pretty powerful punch!" —Anonymous

8. While doing sit-ups in gym class.

"In high school gym class, I used to orgasm while doing sit-ups for the Presidential Fitness Challenge. Sounds great, right? It was mortifying! The most intense, though, is with my husband now, after using our Motorbunny for about ten minutes. It gets me close and then all I have to do is feel his arms around me to explode." —Delisia G.

9. The juxtaposition between a cold beer and a warm tongue.


"After a guy held an ice cold beer and his hand was rather cold, the freezing feeling with the juxtaposition of his tongue was one of the more intense orgasms. It was like surprise! Here is an ice cube. But it was hand/fingers so it was better, because it didn't leave a melted mess and added to the stimulation with movement abilities." —Anonymous