Why You NEED To Let Go Of Him (Even If Your Heart Says The Opposite)

Your intuition, your reason and your gut cannot ALL be wrong.

Why You Let Him Go, Even If Your Heart Is Saying Opposite weheartit

If you're reading this, there's obviously a reason why you were drawn to read it. Something in your unconsciousness metaphorically slapped you in the face, saying you MUST read this now.

We've all been there in that relationship where our heart was telling us to stay in it but there was that "something" else nagging  that something else poking and prodding and whispering, "RUN!"

The voice may be quiet at first and you may be able to ignore it for a while, but it eventually gets stronger. It won't let you rest in a perfect, comfy love huddle for long. Just when you think you've squelched the irritating squeak into submission, your stomach starts twisting into knots at the thought of where your relationship is heading.


Before you know it, you are having minor aches and pains and anxious mind meanderings when you're supposed to be meeting your sweetie.


It's as if every part of your body and mind is ganging up on you. Your unconscious says, "Oh yeah?! You won't listen to logic or physical uncomfortableness? OK, fine! How about this?"


Wham! Your intestines send you running to the bathroom writhing in pain during what was supposed to be a romantic evening at home. Your headaches rival jackhammers smashing into your skull just when you think about the future with your man.

You still don't dump him to the curb? How about this: your internal energy draws a hunky stud into your vision to sway you. But your heart is strong so you turn away (but wonder later if you should have pursued him.)

If any of these scenarios ring true (or I'm sure you could add your own specific sufferings here), you'd be a fool not to listen to your gut and mind. Yes, your heart is sappy and sweet and can list all the reasons you should hold onto your guy but somewhere deep down (and probably in some of the ways I've mentioned), you know you need to let him go.

The longer you hold onto him and feed yourself that line of bull that, regardless of the fact that he's wrong in so many ways, you LOVE him and therefore should keep him in your life, you hold off the possibility of the new  the guy who will not only feel right to your heart but to your mind and body, too.


Your heart may have been enough when you were in middle school and could ignore the not-rightness of everything else but as a grown-up, trying to live life based just on romantic ideals isn't going to bring you joy. In fact, living in a half-assed relationship filled with doubt will only bring you down in other areas of your life.

Yes, silly things like a guy leaving the toothpaste top off or the toilet seat up can be dealt with — either you can come to some sort of compromise or he or you can change. But if you're still reading this, you know we're talking about something much deeper and insidious. Something that a heart full of love will never fix.

Your intuition, your reason and your gut cannot ALL be wrong. The constant knowin of thgere being something majorly off will never go away and will only get stronger the longer you wait.



Don't think things are going to get better once you recognize that your annoying voice of reason has an important message for you. Actually, the simple act of just acknowledging that something is truly not right and cannot be fixed will probably hurry and heighten the importance of letting him go.

Basically, once the jig is up, your heart may take things into her own "hands," and try to appropriate your reason by causing you to hastily throw your hat into the ring in the exact opposite direction.

You're weighing your options? Better tell him he's the love of your life!

You're seriously making plans to ask him to move out? Better get pregnant!


You're thinking of leaving him TONIGHT? Better put on some sexy lingerie and jump on him!

You get the idea. When your heart is afraid of losing its beloved, you may get those sudden contradictory urges that scream crazy ideas of love, romance, roses and baby carriages. This is the heart's last-ditch, desperate attempt at clouding your reason and insight.

You must recognize the heart's well-meaning attempts at keeping love alive and shut her down.



The sooner you pull the plug when you feel that internal message, the sooner you will be free, the sooner you will start enjoying life in all its glorious ways possible, and the sooner you can make space for finding the one who will soothe and delight all the many spheres of you — body, mind, soul, AND heart.