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You Deserve Someone Who Actually Gives A Sh*t About You

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One of my greatest assets is also one of my biggest downfalls: I always try to see the best in people. 

I noticed recently that I’m not alone in this trait among my lady friends, especially when it comes to relationships. 

We all want to believe in the good. We all want to think that the guys we’re with are the most amazing, wonderful guys who deep, deep — sometimes really freaking deep – down love and appreciate us. 

Holding on to the silver lining keeps us in relationships that should have already been over.

It keeps us coming back to guys and believing their bullshit even though we know on some logic level that it’s really bullshit. 

When we’re in a relationship, we make excuses. When we’re single, we wait around for guys who treat us like crap. In all situations where we’re not willing to see the writing on the wall, we’re putting ourselves and our own best interests second. 

And for what? The attention of some guy? That little sliver of confidence and happiness you feel when he flirts with you? That’s it????


Relationships are either the best or the worst. They can either fill your life with love or totally stress you out. And when they’re doing nothing but the latter, it’s time you reevaluate where you’re priorities are. 

You need to stop holding out for guys who are showing major, obvious signs (like texting you back three days later acting like nothing happened) that they’re not serious about you. You’re not needy or clingy or wrong for wanting a real relationship.

You’re just wrong for acting like you don’t deserve one. 

There is a way to make yourself feel totally, insanely happy all on your own. You don’t need a guy to do that. The man you’re dating should compliment your life, not complicate it. 

Sometimes our desire to just have someone is strong enough to make us settle for just anyone. In those moments, you have to remind yourself that it’s better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn’t treat you right. 


When you’re alone, you can give yourself anything you want. You can work hard and learn to live independently and spoil yourself with trips and too many clothes. You can spend time chasing after your dreams or crossing items off your bucket list. 

Most importantly, you can give yourself permission to do whatever the f*** you want.

And trust me, that’s way more fun than being with someone who doesn’t realize how awesome you really are.