Don't Find Your Worth In A Man — Find A Man Who's Worthy Of You

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Nothing breaks my heart more than when an awesome girl can’t see how awesome she is. 

Too many women are placing too much value on being in a relationship and not enough on their own self esteem. It’s an infuriating epidemic that needs to be stopped. 

Having a man does nothing to up your value as a person.

It doesn’t make you better. 

It doesn’t make you more. 

But I think it’s safe to say that most of us start dating with little understanding of that, and little trust in ourselves. Despite the fact that I own several mirrors, I don’t think I ever felt that cute until my first boyfriend told me he thought I was. 

Key words: he thought. Because what I thought was apparently not enough to give me the confidence to feel like it. 


We have to stop waiting around for a guy to convince us we’re worthy of love. We have to let go of the idea that our looks, smarts and quirks are validated until there’s a guy around to validate them. 

Because the more power we give the guys in our lives over our feelings, the shittier we’ll feel. 

Insecurity and a lack of self-esteem is why so many badass girls never reach their full potential. It’s why future CEOs, engineers, screenplay writers, musicians, bloggers and presidents are currently crying in their closets trying to figure out why they’re not good enough. 

Here’s a hint: it’s because they’re waiting for someone to tell them they’re good enough. 

The moment you decide you’re good enough, is the moment you take back your power. You live your life the way you intended too, and you don’t let some guy who called you pretty at the bar (and failed to ever text you back) derail you from chasing after your dreams. 

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When you tell yourself you’re worthy all on your own, you stop wasting time on guys you aren’t worthy of you. Suddenly career ambition, savings accounts and being kind to strangers become more important qualities than “He thinks I’m cute.” 

You live your life waiting for someone else to come around and make you feel better. You have to make you feel better.

All on your own.

You might have to lie a little bit at first (fake it till you make it right??), but when you live your life like you actually give a damn about yourself, everything becomes 1000% better.