Calvin Harris Just Showed Off His VERY LARGE Penis On Instagram

Photo: Instagram
Calvin Harris

It's certainly an eyeful.

It appears that male celebrities just can't keep their penis in their pants these days. First, there was Orlando Bloom and then Justin Bieber showed off their penises for the entire world to see. And now, Calvin Harris has joined the penis-showing party... sort of. 

The DJ wasn't at a nude beach or having sexy times with anyone. No. He was just posing in a room... in his very tight white undies... next to his fully-clothed manager Mark Gillespie. According to Cosmopolitan, it was Gillepsie's birthday, and Harris decided that he would be giving us a gift instead.


He clearly has been working out quite a bit. Aside from the ripped muscles and very clear six-pack, that bulge is just very... eye-catching.

"Of course, rather than acknowledge the very obvious thirst trap he'd set up, Taylor Swift's ex instead opted to let his body speak for itself — and speak it did," said Cosmo.

And this isn't the first time Harris has stripped down to nothing but his underwear. 

Billboard reported in July of last year that the DJ was now part of Armani's new underwear campaign. Prior to that, he was already modeling Armani clothing and accessories. And back then, he was still cozying it up with ex Taylor Swift.

Unfortunately, the DJ was also let go by Armani following the breakup with T. Swift. According to Hollywood life, the reason was because the brand wanted "fresh talent" (seriously?) But, according to other sources, Harris left willingly as he is also looking to expand his own fashion line. A nude photo of the DJ was also reportedly leaked, and this time, he wasn't sporting any Armani undies (there is no confirmation, however, that the man in the photo is Harris).

So, what do you think of Calvin Harris' dick pic? We wonder if Taylor has any regrets....