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You'll Never Be Good Enough For A Man Who Isn't Ready

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It’s easy for us to get confused and think that we have some sense of control in this world. Well lemme give you a little hint: we most definitely do not. 

But when we want something so badly, we tend to go for it no matter what signs the universe sends us.

We trick/fool/straight-up lie to ourselves to make ourselves believe we’re on the right path when, in reality, we’ve gone so far off the map Siri doesn’t know where we are anymore. 

It will come as no surprise that this happens so often with dating. 

When we meet a guy we like — like, actually, really like — we want to hope for the best. We want to believe in fate and that the stars aligned and the universe brought us both to the same dingy bar one Tuesday night so we could lock eyes and fall in love. 


We’re girls. We love fantasy and romance and the possibility of it all. We crave connections and relationships. We want everyone we meet to be the one so we can get the hell off Tinder already. 

But even if you’re a 10/10 and a total keeper, it doesn’t mean the guy you’re into is ready to do the keepin’. 

It doesn’t matter if you two have everything in common. It doesn’t matter if you easily see you being together.

It doesn’t even matter if he recognizes how great you are.

If a guy doesn’t want a relationship, he’s not going to get into a relationship. 

We can argue all day about how if guys were smart at all they’d notice a good thing when they see it, but they do notice. They just don’t want it at this present moment. 

Now before you go and get all sad about it, try to see the silver lining: it’s not you. 


When it comes to romance, there are so many options that it’s kind of exhausting.

Dating apps are the equivalent of a fast food drive thru for men. You know it’s better for you to stay home and cook a healthy meal, but grabbing a burger and fries way easier and you don’t even have to put on pants. 

Now while I think most guys (especially the cute ones) will be eating fast food for awhile, I do think there comes a point in every dude’s life where they get bored of greasy fries and want to settle down. There’s no magic formula for this moment, and there’s no way you could ever force. 

All you can do is live your life and trust that the right guy will come along when he’s ready.