7 Things People Who Have GREAT Sex Know (That You Don't)

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great sex secrets

When you're going through a sexual dry spell it can feel like everyone on planet earth is having sex BUT you! Don't worry, I know this can't possibly be true because I'm not having sex either — see? Now there's two of us, sad friend. 

So what is it exactly that people who have sex all the time have figured out that we haven't grasped yet? Luckily we aren't the only ones who want to know. In fact, science has been trying to crack the case for decades. Yay, science! 

We've rounded up some of science's coolest studies to part the kimono on the secret lives of the sexually successful. What we found out will not only helped you get laid faster and more regularly, but it just might make you happier too. 

1. You need a lot of rest to have great sex.

If someone is getting laid all of the time and are over the moon about, they are probably getting better sleep than you are. A recent study found that sexual desire dramatically increased in women with just a few hours sleep. It doesn't stop their, either. The chemicals released during sex actually make it EASIER for people who are having sex to get to sleep. I will remind my boyfriend of this the next time I request to sleep in.

2. You need to be easy to get along with to get a lot of sex. 

It's a cliche for a reason. Sometimes it can feel like going a long time without having sex puts you in THE WORST mood. Well I'm pleased to report that there's scientific proof to support this feeling. A study showed that couples who have sex more often are more likely to be described by their friends as being "more agreeable". 

3. Being expressive helps you get more sex. 

It turns out that telling someone you love them is just as important as it is to show them that you love them. A study showed that people who said I love you had more sex than the people who didn't say I love you. There's hope for romance after all! 

4. Being physically active makes sex way better.

Yup. It's true. The more you workout, the better you feel in bed. For men, working out increases their sex drive and can help with erectile dysfunction. More time on the treadmill for everyone! 

5. Trying new things is key to a great sex life.

It's not surprising that people who have more sex have also reported as being the people most likely to try new things in bed. See? If you're open good things come to you, and also, you come. 

6. Having sex just because you're "supposed to" is a huge mistake. 

If you view sex as a chore, that's what it becomes. At least that's what one study found when it assigned its subjects to have sex on a schedule. The subjects all reported a dramatic increase in mood. And we don't blame them! 

7. Generosity is EVERYTHING when it comes to great sex.

People who have sex three or more times a week, tend to be more generous. For them, the focus is not always on themselves, but on giving pleasure to the other person in addition to receiving. This is a pro tip worth filing away.