If You Post Gym Selfies You're A Total Narcissist (Says Science)

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gym selfies narcissism

Um, excuse me?

Do you loving sharing updates on social media about your latest #workout #gains? When you have a new healthy smoothie recipe to share with the masses? Well, if you do, science thinks you miiiiiight be a total narcissist.

I know! How rude.

A new study conducted by the Brunnel University in London discovered that people can be divided into groups of shared personality traits according to the kind of content they share online.

The study didn't say anything what kind of people most too many cat memes, so there's still hope for me. 


So where does the whole narcissist part come in? Here: groups of people like narcissists are defined by certain traits. Traditionally, narcissists love nothing as much as they love sharing any and all news about the accomplishments and achievements that come their way. 

It makes sense then, that a successful workout, or managing to not look like a total monster after a boot camp session, would be chronicled by the true narcissist and shared on all of social media for the world to see and appreciate.

If their followers are jealous too, that's not a bad bonus either! If you think about it, in many ways, social media is a dream come true for a hard-working narcissist. 

Sharing their glam lifting looks isn't the only thing narcissists tend to share on social media, either. This study found that narcissists also were more likely to share information that let people know how much pride they take in looking after their appearances.

So you know that one person on social media who only posts photos of their paleo meals? Yeah, science is giving them the stink eye in a big ol' way. 


While this study brings up some interesting points about the way people share online and what kind of people share online, and while there's a lot of logic to their findings here, I don't know that I agree.

Where do we draw the line between enjoying sharing your accomplishments with your peers and total ego-maniac? Because there's a difference. 

I think everyone I know has posted a photo of themselves working out, or snapped a picture of a healthy meal they were proud of concocting.

Either I know only narcissists, or this study isn't all of the story. 

It's possible we run into dangerous territory when we start calling every woman who shares selfies in workout garb a narcissist. The history of how women have been taught to relate to our bodies is warped enough as it is. If I want to revel in a red-face sweaty selfie after running a fast mile, for the love of god let me do it without shame of censure! 

I have seen the positive effects sharing workout photos has had for some of my friends on their self-esteem and fitness journeys. They tend to also be loving, enthusiastic people who'd move heaven and earth to help a friend. Isn't that the exact opposite of narcissism?