20 Honest Confessions Show Our Love/Hate Relationship With Our Boobs

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boob confessions

Has there ever been a part of the body more discussed or revered than the boobs? Probably not.

However, only half of the population will ever know what it really feels like to have them. Yes, ladies: we're talking about you.

You know exactly what I mean when I say that. Although boobs are largely celebrated throughout the media, as women we have a much deeper relationship with them. From the moment we experience those first growing pains, we will have a complicated connection to our boobs for the rest of our lives. 

Whether you think your set is "too small" or "too big", or even if you've had surgery to make them juuuust right, we guarantee you'll TOTALLY understand these confessions that completely capture the essence of that famous love/hate relationship with our boobs.

1. They can take on their own identity.


"Whenever people meet me, they don't remember my name, instead they call me "the girl with the big boobs." I don't hate it."

2. You secretly LOVE the fact that people may question if they're all natural.


"Someone just asked me what size my boobs were before I went under the knife … I've never had a boob job. I'm always secretly flattered when guys think my boobs are fake."

3. The size of our boobs can make us feel insecure.


"I feel like I'm less of a woman because I have small boobs."

4. Sometimes, we like to stop and show them a little appreciation.


"Sometimes I look at myself and think, "wow, my boobs are fantastic." And then I give them a quick squeeze and move on with my life."

5. They don't always fill out a bra the way we'd like them to.


"It sucks that my boobs are so perky, cleavage is nearly impossible to achieve."

6. Achieving equality can be a struggle.


"My boobs are almost two cup sizes different so I'm very creative with my angles."

7. It feels good to set them free every once in awhile.


"I love it when people stare at my boobs. Sometimes I walk around without a bra to see the look on their faces."

8. They can relieve stress.


"I like to hold my boobs sometimes. Not really in a sexual way, but kind of like putting your hands in your pockets. It's kind of relaxing."

9. Life is easier without that extra support.


"I never wear bras. My nipples are pierced and I'm a size DD/DDD. They're just so uncomfortable. I like my boobs to feel free."

10. They can get in our way.


"I get so annoyed by my boobs sometimes. I just want to see what it feels like to not have two balloons stuck to my chest."

11. Women with big boobs can want it the other way around just as much as smaller breasted women.


"I get insecure about my boobs sometimes, I wish they were smaller."

12. We think they're out of this world, too.


"Sometimes I like to pretend my boobs are alien eyes when I look down on them."

13. Believe it or not, they can make us feel not that sexy at all.


"One of my boobs is a lot smaller than the other … and I hate it. And I feel like I can't be sexy because of it."

14. They're good at keeping secrets.


"I pretend that I hate it, but I secretly love when men use my boobs as a pillow."

15. We REALLY do want you to know that our eyes are up here.


"I hate that my boobs get more attention than my face so I try to hide them as much as possible."

16. We have mixed feelings about their sex appeal.


"I use my boobs to get my way and I feel guilty and good about it at the same time."

17. We are fully aware of the power they can hold over people.


"As much as I hate my boobs sometimes, I'd hate not having them. I secretly like that I can distract people."

18. Who needs a tape measure when you have boobs?


"I use my boobs to gauge how much my hair has grown."

19. They could probably get us whatever we wanted.


"When I want to get something for free, all I have to do is bounce my boobs."

20. We can always count on them to be there whenever we need themno joke, since they are attached to us.


"I use my boobs like a stress ball whenever I get anxious. It actually helps calm me down because it's also a turn on."