10 Struggles Only Women With A High Sex Drive Understand

Surprise! Women like sex too.

10 Struggles Only Women With High Sex Drives Understand weheartit

By Gabrielle Sorto

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that men are a bunch of uncontrollably horny animals who want sex. Now. I mean, that’s what society has taught us.

They say finding a sexually insatiable woman is like finding a unicorn in the wild, but there are a lot of unicorns out there. Surprise! Women aren’t always the chaste, pure creatures we’ve been asked to be.


But what happens when we’re too horny? Sometimes it’s a downright struggle.

1. We have trouble finding a partner who can keep up.

One of the biggest struggles with having a high sex drive is finding someone with a synced libido. Mismatched libidos can be the straw that literally breaks the camel’s back. We’re no stranger to meeting someone, liking them and then realizing that they have the endurance of a tortoise or the inclination of a 70-year-old man. 

2. We always have to initiate.

There’s nothing wrong with a strong woman who goes after what she wants, but when you’re always the one who has to initiate it starts to get old. 


3. Our partners can get lazy.


When you’re usually the one initiating, your partner can get lazy and think that you’re just always ready to get down. They might just wait until you start coming on to them rather than stepping up and making us feel wanted. It’s a problem. 

4. We get rejected.


Contrary to popular belief, men really don’t want sex 24/7, so when you want sex three times a day and get turned down twice, it starts to sting. Why would any man every reject my sexual advances? It’s definitely not the sexiest feeling ever. 

5. We can't always get what we want.

Many people believe that women can “catch a dick whenever we want,” in the parlance of ever-classy Amy Schumer. But sometimes, it’s not that easy.

If you’re single and want casual sex, you have to worry about STD’s, pregnancy, jerks and all the other unsexy parts of sex. We usually just end up having a solo session rather than going through the trouble.


6. If we want something done, we have to do it ourselves.

If we can’t get satisfaction from our partners, we do it ourselves. Solo love has never been a bad thing — it makes us masters of our domain, and if we don’t know what we like how are going to tell others to do it to us? We’re no stranger to the local sex shop, and we’ve got at least one or two vibrators in a neon color. We take self-love to a new level and we’re totally happy with spending a Friday night alone.

7. We're always the Samantha Jones of our friend group.



All of your friends have SO unoriginally deemed you the “Samantha of the group” and think your sex life is just beyond. They just don’t get how you can have so much sex. And you’re all like, “How are you not?” (but you’re definitely don’t say that out loud). You are, though, always giving your friends sex advice and telling them to new things to try in bed.

8. Society tries to shame us.

And when you become the Samantha of the group, that can often lead to slut-shaming, which is so not cool. Society will try to tell you that you’re wrong for being openly sexual or even wanting sex at all. You’re constantly torn between owning your sexuality and not wanting to deal with judgment.

9. Men are confused by us.


Most men wishing for a girl who wants to have sex all day will probably get tired (and chafed) real quick, no matter how much they brag to their dude friends. Either way, we have no problem being open about our sexual appetite, and we know what we want. Some men will find it extremely hot and others can find it extremely intimidating.

10. We're turned on by everything.

Your boyfriend puts his hand on your leg? Instant lagoon. Linger on a hug for too long? It’s like, are we doing this or what? It doesn’t take much. Sometimes it even bothers you