Guys Are NEVER 'Too Busy' For Girls They Actually Like

Photo: WeHeartIt

When you’re single, there’s a few things you constantly need to be reminded of: 

1) Love does exist and there are good guys out there (no matter how many bad Tinder dates you’ve been on). 
2) You can be happy and complete all on your own. 
3) If a guy isn’t acting like he’s into you, then he’s probably not into you. 

While they are all important things we should constantly be aware of, I feel like that last one really needs to be drilled into our brains.

Despite how often we tell the world how boss we are, girls are always holding on to guys that aren’t interested. 

Some of it stems from the uncomfortable feeling of being totally alone, and also from the false sense of validation you feel when you’re at least “talking to somebody.”

Because if no one is around to tell you you’re cute than there’s no way you’re cute right??? 

Uh, no. Your cuteness and your worth are not dependent on someone else noticing it. 


But if you forgot this important lesson (which we all do at one time or another), then it’s easy to get caught up in a guy’s mixed signals. He was so into you when you first met at the bar, but now he’s taking his sweet time to ask you out on a date.

Or he’s constantly texting you but never following through on plans.

Or or or he’s so down to meet out with you and your friends, but never wants to go out alone. 

All of those things mean he’s not into you.

All. Of. Them. 

Guys aren’t too busy for a girl they really like. They’ll move mountains and cross rivers to make it happen. And if they are sincerely, truly busy, they’ll not only tell you, but make plans for the near future. 


When a guy is into you, he’ll make you feel like a priority. You won’t have to guess, and you won’t have to wonder. 

If the guy you’re talking to is making you feel like anything but number one, then walk away. The beginning of a relationship is always when people trying their hardest.

So if he’s not trying now, then he probably never will.