What Men Think Of Vaginas (Based On The First One They Saw)

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what men think of vaginas

If you are born with a vagina, you don't think much about it unless it's bleeding, horny,or popping out a baby. 

But for men, the vagina has long been a source of fascination

Female genitalia is so so so different from male genitalia. Until you've actually seen a vagina, you have a million (sometimes weird) ideas about how it actually works, what it looks like up close, and how it smells

I asked my posse of anonymous men to talk to me about the first time they saw a vagina IRL. They opened up and the results will make you laugh, cringe, and appreciate your vagina all over again. 

What did you think the first time you found yourself looking at a vagina for the first time?

  • "It's hard for me to remember, since I was an early experimenter. Curious, probably, is the best way to describe it. My limited memory of it was a very clinical, almost biological fascination. (Not very sexy, alas.)"
  • "My mom tells me the first time I really noticed was when she came out of the shower when I was a tiny baby. I looked up at her and said, 'Did it hurt?'"
  • "In 2nd grade my friends and I found a discarded Hustler magazine near our bus stop. We flipped through the pictorials and I remember feeling disgusted at how hairy the vaginas were. One of the pictorials also had the women using strap-ons on each other and for the longest time I though women had penises that they hid inside their vaginas."


  • "The first time I got to interact with a vagina as a sexually awakened adult, I couldn't really make it out. For one thing, it was dark in the room. Also at that point I had taken off my glasses. But regardless of my impaired vision, there was a surreal, dreamlike quality to the whole experience. All my senses were experiencing something new. It wasn't just my first time seeing and touching a vagina, the scent, something you can't get from watching porn (yet, thank god), was a new experience as well. It really was quite exhilarating. I guess it's sad that you only get that experience once, but I think I came out of it with a very positive memory."
  • "My mom gave me this big book of pictures of naked people ("skin, not sex") so that I had a good idea of the differences of human bodies, from different races to all sorts of different body types. The first time I saw one in real life was pleasant - I was surprised how much like a flower it really was, and I was anxious to see it unfold."
  • "Definitely surprised. Enthusiastic, and a bit confused. Like ... impostor syndrome, maybe? 'Did I do something to deserve being in this position?' Thinking back on it, really self-centered stuff."


  • "It was Karen Finley performing and covering herself in honey while pretending to be Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh. It was interesting."
  • "Nervous and happy. She was probably my 5th or 6th partner, the first woman whose vagina (or 'cookie', as she called it) I really got to know. I was in my early 20s, and my previous LT relationship had been kinda stale, sexually. While I did perform oral on her regularly, she really didn't want me 'down there' doing anything other than tongue-on-clit. When I hooked up with the 'Cookie' lady, well, she had different expectations, and I was more than happy to oblige, if a bit nervous that my experience didn't really transfer into knowledge. We spent our first 6 days that summer just... exploring? She was in a similar situation to me; she'd had a few lovers, but nothing enduring, and definitely hadn't really had any, ah 'face to face' time with a penis. It was a good week."


  • "A real live up close and personal one? I thought nothing special about as I'd seen all types in videos and pictures. The first picture? I just wondered if they all looked like that. (News tip: they don't.) Looking at women's genitalia wasn't something I cared much for back then. It was all about boobs."