Lea Michele Waxing On Camera Proves Celebs Are Just As Hairy As Us

No, they didn't just #wakeuplikethis

Lea Michele Waxing SnapChat WeHeartIt

I'm going to admit something I don't normally talk about: I have a lot of hair ... everywhere. I can't say whether it's my genetic makeup that causes the cat like whiskers that form on my face, or the leg hair that I can braid if it's not groomed every three hours.

The only thing I do know is that it's something ladies don't normally talk about, because it's taboo. Because God forbid you don't meet today's beauty standards of being as hair free as a newborn, you'll be labeled as weird or gross.


Luckily, we have celebrities that come out in our favor, showing a side of themselves that we never imagine exists because stars are born perfect and wake up every day looking beautiful, with no work needed (right? NOT.) Like the Snap Chat video Glee star Lea Michele shared of her getting her eyes brows and upper lip waxed. In it, she jokes her hair is the result of being half Jewish and half Italian. 


Lea on Snapchat. #leamichele #dailymichelevideo

A video posted by Lea Michele Updates/News⬇ (@dailymichele) on Aug 7, 2016 at 2:51pm PDT

I love when famous people show their vulnerable side and give us a glimpse into what REALLY goes into being "perfect" 24/7. As someone who isn't required to be flawless, it gives me confidence knowing the rich and famous are just like me (minus the millions of dollars in their bank accounts).


It also reminds me that once again, we are all human. No one is immune to the damn boob hairs, the dark mustache that make us look like our Great Aunt Gertrude, and the leg hair. OH, the leg hair.

Here's another secret. I mean, it's just us, right? I rarely shave my legs. I've been married a long time, but that's not even the main reason. I suffer from hand pain, and shaving my legs would require a CRAZY amount of resilience on my part and I just don't have it. I don't walk around outside flaunting my furry covered legs proudly, but if a few stray hairs happen to sneak out between my socks and pants, I don't have a breakdown.

IT'S HAIR! Who made up these stupid standards anyway?

Men walk around with hair covering their bodies and they're considered manly and sexy, especially if they act all brooding (I'm looking at YOU Jon Snow!) so why are women held to a different standard? Why must we spend hours upon hours grooming ourselves, cutting ourselves accidentally when our razor takes off some skin in an attempt to grab a particularly nasty hair?


I used to go for bikini waxes all the time, cringing in pain as hot wax dripped all over my private area, and screaming on the inside as the paper ripped hair off leaving my skin red, itchy, and sticky.

Come on, let's have a revolution. Let's change the way we approach hair on our bodies. 



I mean, if you, as a woman, prefer going hairless because that's your choice, then go for it. But think about WHY you are doing it? You grew up learning that hair is bad, but again, who came up with these rules?

The most liberating feeling is not having to buy new razors on the regular, not having to worry that I "missed a spot" or that my hair will grow back coarser and darker. Screw it! Go a week without shaving and tell me it's not the best feeling crossing this off your "Beauty To-Do" list. 

Hair is there for a reason. Go for it. Let it grow and LET IT GO!