Why This Breastfeeding Mom Squirted Milk On A Hater

This takes "egg on my face" to a whole other level.

Why This Breastfeeding Mom Squirted Milk On A Hater Getty Images

In the United States, for reasons I cannot fully fathom, breastfeeding women face one hell of a time.

On the one hand, there's the boob-shamers, who are so aroused and or skeeved by the sight of boobs feeding a child that they feel it is their god given right to interrupt a new mother and tell her that she is a pervert. 



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Then there is the other side of the puzzle, where those who know and understand that boobs are central to a baby's health and development go slightly insane and do stuff like rip into new moms who are having a difficult time breastfeeding and instead use formula.


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It's enough to make even the jolliest pair of boobs on the planet despair. 

The UK is more evolved than the US when it comes to breastfeeding. At least, legally they are. 

In the UK it is actually against the law to tell a breastfeeding mother to go some place else to feed her child.

The fact that there has to be a law about this, is mind-boggling, but I'm glad it's on the books. 

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Even though boob-banishers in the UK can be taken to court for their crimes, that doesn't mean the UK is a magical place where boobs are adored, admired, AND respected. 


On a local message board, one woman recounted a truly amazing experience where her boob-shaming was turned back on her. 

She was with her husband and her baby in a park when another mother stopped near them to breastfeed.

This woman worried about her "easily distracted husband" decided to ask the breastfeeder to cover up. Her response? 

She shot breast milk at the woman trying to shame her.

I cannot even. I cannot. Even. 


Like, sure ... she could have easily kept her cool and explained that the other woman was breaking the law.

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She could have even been like "dude, if your husband's boob-staring is that problematic he needs professional help," but rather than do any of this, lady was all "OH REALLY" and squirted boob juice at her naysayer! 


The victim of said boob-spray attack was hoping that other frequenters of the message board would support her. In a delightful display, not one of them did. If anything, she's lucky the police haven't been summoned to take her away for  being such a prurient hypocrite. 

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on August 10, 2016 and was updated with the latest information.