10 Brutally Honest Things Women REALLY Think During Anal Sex

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Things Women REALLY Think During Anal Sex

Anal sex: It always feels a little bit forbidden and risque, and that's exactly why, at some point, it will come up in conversation. So if you do give it a try, how will you feel about it? What will it be like? Is it fun? Is it awkward? Weird? Messy? What will even be going through your head?

"This will vary from woman to woman, but the range will include 'This is really sexy' to 'This is really painful' to 'I really wish he'd stop watching all that porn.' It depends a lot on whether she really wants to have the experience for her own pleasure (or even just for the adventure), or whether she’s doing it as, I don't know, a birthday present," says Carol Queen of Good Vibrations.

According to Coleen Singer of, although this really depends on if a woman really likes anal sex or is simply doing it to please her partner as a treat, some of the random thoughts women may have during anal sex can vary.

1. Ouch! Is it over soon?


2. I sure hope when he pulls out there isn't any poop on his dick. Gross.

3. Hmmm... it actually felt sort of OK when he tested it with just his finger.


4. I sure hope we don't run out of lube.

5. Great, now there's lube on my sheets! Unless this is going to take a surprising turn, we probably don't need any more lube on my ankle, my neck, or my area rug, either. Does everyone who has anal sex buy new sheets every time?


6. What is it supposed to feel like? It's fun, and it feels... good?

7. Just wait until next time when I bring out the strap-on dildo and peg him. That will be fun to see his reaction.


8. Oh, this feels much better than I thought it would. I like it!

9. Relax, relax, relax, relax... breathe!


​10. I need to buy black gloves for less visible poop.

"For one thing, if I'm having anal sex I'm never NOT surprised that a dude thinks it's something that can just happen. Like, no. Sure, lube is wonderful AND necessary but my god, it isn't miracle cream. I'm also never not thinking that next time I need to invest in black gloves for health, safety, and less visible poop," says writer Becca Stokes.