Researchers Discovered Why So Many Of Us Have Adult Acne & Wrinkles

Photo: WeHeartIt
cell phones acne

Cell phones are amazing.

As I type this, I've got mine propped up beside my laptop so that I might gaze upon it lovingly. 

It is full of apps and photographs of cute boys to swipe right on, how could I do anything other than love my cell phone dearly?


But sadly, it turns out that my most beloved telephonic device could be destroying my girlish good looks. 

That's right, your cell phone could be doing everything from giving you a case of adult acne to sucking in your very life essence!

Just one of those is true. In order to find out which, you must read the items below. (Spoiler alert: It is adult acne.)

1. Acne


Holding your all squeezed up to your face? Not a cool look. Literally, it makes you sweat. So you're getting sweat and all manner of bacteria taking up residence on your face and that leads to ALL OF THE ADULT ACNE BREAKOUTS. That's why I use my phone exclusively for texting. This is only sort of a joke. 

2. Skin spots 


Your smartphone emits blue light. Blue light travels on the same wavelength as UV rays. This has derms all worried that looking at your phone too much can actually cause DARK SPOTS TO FORM ON YOUR FACE. I mean yes, UV rays can also cause skin cancer, so that is bad too. 

3. Wrinkly neck 


You know when you turn on your phone in selfie mode accidentally and it's like you've seen the face of Satan and he is you and he has many many chins? Well that's what your face looks like whenever you're looking down at your phone. Do this too much, and you'll get wrinkly neck and wrinkly boob skin.