5 Signs He Actually Wants To Be With You (And Isn't Ashamed Of It)

It's better to know the truth.

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We all know that relationships are complicated. We're no strangers to miscommunication and unreasonable expectations, and understand that they all have their place when it comes to modern romance. 

But relationship complications should be something you experience after the honeymoon phase wears off.

If things are complicated from the get go, then it's not a relationship you should be chasing after. 


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While every situation is different — there will always, always be exceptions — I think it's fair to say that if you're struggling to make the potential relationship into a real one, then chances are, it ain't gonna happen. 

There will be overbearing mothers, crazy ex-girlfriends, alcohol, job changes, distance, and a billion other things that could complicate a relationship.

But one thing that should never be questioned or put under a microscope is your desire to be together. 



If a person wants to be in a relationship with you, they'll be in a relationship with you. It's as simple as that. 

But somewhere along the line we've complicated things. We've given people excuses for why they're not committing, and convinced ourselves it's worth it to stick around and wait.

We've become doormats for people who have no interest in us being anything other than doormats. 

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It's not fair to you, and it needs to stop.

If you want to be taken seriously and really wanted by the person you love, then you have to stop accepting less for yourself. You have to say no to half-assed relationships, booty calls and guys who "aren't looking for anything serious but are open for more". Because who the hell knows what that even means. 


There should be no doubt that the guy you're seeing wants to be seen with you.

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If you're unsure if you're his girlfriend, than you're probably not.

But here are some other signs in case you need more reassurance to move on: 

1He introduces you to his friends

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If you haven't met anyone in his circle, it's because he doesn't want you to.  


2He takes you on legit dates

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a.k.a. He's not afraid to be seen with you in public. 


3He's not afraid to connect on social media

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If he only messages you through Facebook or doesn't follow you back on Instagram, it's because he doesn't want there to be a trail connecting you together. 


4He calls you his girlfriend

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Also, "boo" and "bae" are not synonymous with "girlfriend." 

5You're reading this article

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Because if you have to question whether or not you're in a relationship, it means you're probably not. Time to move on, boo thang.