19 People Reveal The Harsh Reality Of Coming Out As Bisexual

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Bisexual drawing

Coming out is hands down one of the hardest moments anyone in the LGBT community faces. Hiding your true self from family, friends and even a spouse is damaging to a person's well-being, and takes a harsh emotional toll on someone. 

Coming out as bisexual can be particularly difficult, because it comes with the added effort of explaining your sexuality to both straight and LGBT people

Not only do many bisexuals not get approval from family, who oftentimes label them as “confused” or “going through a phase,” they lose friends along the way and are many times are misunderstood by others in the LGBTQ community.

In hopes of clearing up the myths that surround the bisexual community, 19 people reveal the harsh reality of what it's like living as a bi person:

1. People assume you like EVERYONE. 

"Ever since I came out as bisexual a lot of my friends think I like them, and it disgusts me". 

2. People think more of you than what you feel you are.

"When I came out as bisexual, everyone called me brave. I came out because I thought no one would react to it, I'm not brave".  

3. Acceptance means everything...

"When I 'Came Out of the Closet' to my friends, they acted like it didn't matter. I'm starting to think I actually have a chance by being bisexual in society".   

4. ...and it hurts when you're not.

"My dad told me he'd love me no matter what. That was until I came out as bisexual"  

5. It's not a joke. 

"My parents treat me coming out as bisexual as a joke and make fun of it...". 

6. People think "you're half straight."

"When I came out as bi to my mom her reply was 'at least you're half straight'" 

7. Coming out is a huge relief. 

"Coming out as bisexual was probably the largest confidence boost I've experienced. I can finally be myself". 

8. Coming out sometimes mean losing people in your life.

"Ever since I came out as bi to my best friend, we've been getting more and more distant. I hope it wasn't because of that". 

9. Coming out is freeing.

"Coming out as bi has made me feel so free" 

10. Confronting yourself is often the hardest part.

"The hardest part of coming out as bisexual wasn't telling my family. The hardest part was finally coming out to myself".    

11. People throw religion in your face. 

"When I came out as bi to my mom she said 'read your bible'".  

12. Friendships are lost.

"Coming out as bi was harder than I expected. One thing that hurts me the most were losing my own friends."    

13. People might call it a "phase."

"It's been 6 years since I came out as bisexual to my mother. She still insists that it is just a phase to this day.   

14. Despite the difficulties, it's worth it.

"Coming out as bisexual was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but for happiness, it was worth it".  

15. It's the little things that count.  

"I came out to my family as bisexual two nights ago. I cried. They accepted me. I'm blessed."  

16. Be proud of yourself for being true to who you are.

"Just now realizing that coming out as bisexual to my mom was a lot bigger of a deal than I realized at the time. I'm proud that I did".  

17. Ignore the negative people.

"When I came out as bisexual to my parents they said it wasn't normal, but I don't care, I'm happy". 

18. People don't like it because they don't understand it.

"Coming out as bisexual was so hard, and now pretty much everyone is scared of me". 

19. You are the most important person who needs to be happy.  

"When I came out as bisexual, I didn't think of it as coming out. I thought of it as inviting people in my closet. That weird?".