Are You A True Cisgender Ally Or Just A Jerk — Try THIS To Find Out!

This game will help you find out!

This Game Will Prove If You're A True Cisgender/LGBT Friend weheartit

Being cisgender when your friend comes out as trans is hard.

There are a ton of new rules and things to learn. A lot of what you knew about your friend is gone and will slowly be replaced by the person they want to become or reveal themselves to be. You may not even agree that what they’re doing is OK, and even if you are, you might be feeling totally left in the dark when it comes to transgender terminology and etiquette.


Transpeople understand that, up to a point.

There may be things you’re going to say and do that are wrong or inappropriate. But if you refuse to accept these changes in your transfriend, or deliberately work towards keeping your transfriend the way you knew them, you are going to get on their last nerve — and fast.

But it’s okay, 'cause now there’s a way to make it better and easier for you both: The Cisgender Ally Bingo Card.



This isn’t for you, but for you to give to your transfriend. They keep it with them and mark it every time you say or do something that is on the card. You can play “Connect 5” or fill the whole board. Maybe your friend will win the game, but hopefully they ditch you first. Because to be honest, if you’re saying and doing these things, you’re an asshole.


I forgot to mention that every single one of these things are absolutely horrible for you to do or say.

This big change in their life needs support, not your ignorance. If you can’t respect them for being honest with you, then you have no place in their life. Sorry to be so incredibly blunt about it, but let me tell you, as long as you refuse to accept your transfriend’s transition, you are exactly what they DON’T need in their life.


So if everything on the bingo card represents bad behavior, why did I bother to show it to you?

Simple: to give you a chance to change.

If you take the time to change, grow and show true support, you may still salvage the relationship.


So pay attention — you might just learn something.