You Deserve The Love You Keep Trying To Give Everyone Else

Photo: WeHeartIt
self love

As humans, we try way too hard. 

Our own emotional insecurities drive us to manipulate, pull and push to get what we want instead of trusting in what's meant to be. While I'm all for hard work and passion, a lot of times that prevents us from seeing the writing on the wall. 

We get so focused on what we want and how it's supposed to look that we don't even notice it's been in front of us all along. We either haven't been paying attention or we don't have to confidence to believe we could do it. 


Prone to high expectations — and then let downs — we want the people in our lives that we care about to love us in a certain way. Whether it's blindly supporting us in a career move or surprising us with donuts on a Sunday morning, we want the best from our close relationships.

We want magic and comfort and love and passion. We want silliness and seriousness and everything in between. We want people to be things that we could be ourselves. We could satisfy ourselves in all the ways we need another person to, we just don't want to do the work. 

Of course we need other people in our life, and I am by no means advocating for you to cut everyone off. But we can't rely on other people for anything really. While it's nice and awesome when they do come through, we have to make sure we can handle it when they don't.

We have to be confident enough to be there for ourselves, 24/7. Just like we'd want another person to be. 


Loving yourself isn't just smiling in the mirror every now and then. It's about being your own best friend and fighting passionately for your own interests. It's about knowing the kind of person you want to be and working to become her every single day. 

And you can only do that when you let go of the idea that people are always going to be there for you. Because they're not. 

You're the only person you will consistently have with you for your entire life. You can't get rid of yourself, so you might as well try to build that relationship and fill it with love.